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FBI Outed in Major Corruption Report – To Trap Trump, They Offered Clinton Ally A Pile of Cash


What’s Happening:

Igor Danchenko, the man behind Clinton’s infamous “Steele dossier” is facing federal charges. The case is happening right now–and a major revelation just came to light.

Christopher Steele was the man who crafted the debunked dossier Clinton paid for. The dossier was used by the FBI to launch questionable investigations into Trump’s campaign and then administration.

But it seems that the FBI was far from being unbiased about this case. Because it just came out that it offered a huge sum to Steele to verify his bogus dossier.

From Daily Wire:

The FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could prove allegations recorded in his now-infamous dossier, a senior FBI analyst said in court on Tuesday.

FBI analyst Brian Auten testified in the trial of Igor Danchenko, the primary source of allegations in Steele’s dossier, that the bureau placed a $1 million price tag on confirmation of the dossier’s outlandish allegations. Steele was unable to provide any evidence.

Well isn’t this interesting? Brain Auten an FBI analyst admitted that he and other agents met with Steele–in 2021–offering him one million dollars if he could verify the garbage in his dossier.

Of course, Steele couldn’t provide evidence to support the wild claims.

This new information casts the FBI in an even darker light. Americans have wondered if the highest law enforcement body in the land is politically compromised. This only confirms it.

Why? First off, they pursued an investigation back in 2016 against Trump without evidence that confirmed the dossier’s claims. The FBI considered Trump guilty until proven innocent. They assumed the dossier was accurate and used it to tarnish his reputation and presidency.

And, years later, Biden’s FBI was trying to essentially bribe Steele to finally come up with some evidence. Now, why would the FBI want this evidence now, years later?

Because Biden’s DOJ is apparently trying to come up with something that will finally condemn Donald Trump. Democrats know he is likely to run in 2024–and they fear he’ll win again.

So, they are going back to the already debunked dossier, hoping they can get something they can use.

This also suggests their current case against Trump over Mar-A-Largo is all hot air.

And it only confirms Americans’ suspicions that this agency is nothing more than the Democrats’ thug mob.

Key Takeaways:

  • The FBI offered Steele $1 million for evidence to prove his dossier.
  • This happened in 2021, years after the FBI used the dossier to smear Donald Trump.
  • This revelation further tarnishes the FBI, which many believe is politically compromised.

Source: Daily Wire