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Federal Judge Rules in Major Florida Case – It’s a Massive Decision for Ron DeSantis


Republican political leaders in border states have been fighting back against the Biden administration’s failed immigration policies. What Biden has created is a border crisis that is tantamount to an invasion that is overwhelming social services in states and cities around the country.

Biden’s border crisis was challenged by Republican governors in Texas and Florida who made sure leftist leaders in sanctuary cities started dealing with their fair share of the problem. For years these leftists said they would welcome anyone, anytime, and from anywhere who could get to their communities.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took the leftists at their word and started sending illegal immigrants to the front doors and backyards of many leftist-run cities. That didn’t go over well with the sanctuary supporters when their social services system was overrun.

The leftists responded by suing DeSantis as he continued to fight back. A federal judge decided the Republican governor has legal standing to send the illegals packing.

From the Daily Caller:
A federal judge dismissed claims against Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis brought by attorneys representing migrants he flew to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in 2022.

District Judge Allison Burroughs ruled Friday that migrants could sue the charter flight company, Vertol Systems, that contracted with Florida to transport migrants in September 2022. But Burroughs dismissed other claims brought against DeSantis and state defendants, finding the court lacked jurisdiction over them in the case while leaving the possibility of future legal action open.

The judge opined about a nuance to the case that the allegations in the complaint “allow for the inference that Vertol and the other Defendants invidiously discriminated against Plaintiffs because of their race.” She also stated that that the facts in the case left the court “no choice but to find that, at least on this record, personal jurisdiction has not been established.”

Some might interpret that as her setting up legal precedent to support the claims in the future but couldn’t find a legal leg to make the case for the plaintiffs. Civil Rights Boston lawyers filed the class action lawsuit in September 2022 on behalf of the nearly 50 migrants transported from San Antonio, Texas, to Martha’s Vineyard.

DeSantis’ office responded to the federal judge’s decision with confidence the state would be justified in its actions. Julia Friedland, deputy press secretary for DeSantis, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the “flights were conducted lawfully and authorized by the Florida Legislature.”

“We look forward to Florida’s next illegal immigrant relocation flight, and we are glad to bring national attention to the crisis at the southern border,” Friedland said.

Source: Daily Caller