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Fetterman Pulls a Shocker on His Own Party – Endorses GOP Leader for 1 Big Job


The liberal media has railed against the bickering and infighting of the Republican Party. What the leftist talking heads don’t talk about is the seismic shift in political thinking that has exposed the Democratic Party.

Democrats are accustomed to their ranks bowing down to senior leaders and spouting the approved narrative. What is shocking for them is when one of their rank and file develops an opposing mindset.

A stance against the hard-left Democratic narrative has been taken by Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) who survived a stroke. People thought he might not be able to run two sentences together, and now he is running Democrat leaders ragged with his own thoughts on sensitive topics.

Fetterman threw a wrench into the Democrat thought machine when he endorsed outgoing Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah to take over the reigns at Harvard University. Fetterman took at shot at leftist ideals in calling for a change from interim President Alan Garber.

From the Washington Examiner:
“As an alumnus of Harvard, and after this mad season of antisemitism at Columbia (University), I co-sign,” Fetterman posted on X. “This former Governor of Massachusetts doesn’t need a paycheck, but Harvard and its academic peers needs to recalibrate from far-left orthodoxy.”

Fetterman, a Harvard alumnus, highlighted a Washington Post op-ed in the tweet in which he endorsed Romney. The op-ed was written by fellow Harvard alumnus Daniel Rosen, who, despite describing himself as a “lifelong Democrat,” endorsed Romney to take the reins at Harvard. Romney is also a Harvard graduate.

Rosen wrote the article where he suggested the Harvard leadership change to begin “painful but necessary reform.” He said a new leader is needed to “drive back the antisemitism that is tarnishing the institution’s credibility.”

Romney is not seeking reelection in the Senate at the end of this year. He has stated that he is leaving to pave the way for a “new generation of leaders.”

Fetterman’s bold claim that a Republican is needed to right the ship at Harvard flies in the face of Democratic narratives designed to undermine conservative thought in universities. Fetterman has been a staunch pro-Israel member of Congress even in the face of criticism by fellow party members. He even waved an Israeli flag from his rooftop last month when pro-Palestinian protesters amassed outside his home near Pittsburgh.

Fetterman has shocked both Democrats and Republicans for recent statements that challenge leftist ideals. The freshman senator has provoked the ire of his party pals with warnings about the flood of illegal immigrants into the country, by promoting the removal of Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, and outright statements by Fetterman that he is not a progressive.

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