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First Lady Suffers Epic Embarrassment on Live TV – And America Won’t Let Jill Forget It


Many people would agree that right now, President Joe Biden is the king of public gaffes. Fumbling for names and numbers, delivering oddly worded statements, and general confusion abound.

First Lady Jill Biden isn’t as prone to such issues, but every now and then she falls on her face, too.

And it happened just this week when she delivered a line that landed so flat, nobody made a peep.

On Thursday, FLOTUS was speaking at the Reagan Institute Summit of Education (RISE) in Washington, D.C. It “hosts education leaders from across the country” and focuses on “education reform.”

Biden decided to try a strong statement that didn’t work, then had to ask the audience for applause.

From Fox News:

First lady Jill Biden didn’t get the reaction she was expecting Thursday when she delivered what she thought would be an applause line, only for her quip to fall flat, leading her to prod the audience to clap.

‘I’ve visited red states and blue states and I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions,’ she said before taking a moment to pause.

Upon receiving no reaction from the crowd, the first lady added, ‘I thought you might clap for that.’ The crowd promptly complied.

Maybe the reason nobody reacted immediately is because the line is poorly worded and even if it’s completely understood, not many agree.

But it might have been swept under the rug and ignored if Biden hadn’t asked for applause. Social media users pointed out that this reminded them of former GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush asking people to “please clap” during a 2016 campaign event.

One Twitter user wrote: “Nobody clapped because they don’t believe you.

Other users called the scene “awkward” and just plain embarrassing on a number of different levels. Democrats trying to show they’re all for “unity” have difficulty getting everyone to believe it.

Their actions don’t seem to support this claim, and many critics say the left is simply dividing the country even further.

It’s arguably the single biggest issue that faces our nation today, and it’s likely going to be a hot topic of debate during the 2024 presidential campaign.

The First Lady trying to say our “common values” are strong fell flat because, in point of fact — the two sides have less in common than at any point in the country’s history.

Key Takeaways:

  • First Lady Jill Biden delivered a line during a speech that was supposed to get applause. But the audience stayed silent.
  • FLOTUS had to prompt the audience to applaud, which was an embarrassing and awkward scene.
  • Critics maintain that America is more divided than ever and that Republicans and Democrats have little or no common values anymore.

Source: Fox News