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Former Obama Adviser Gives Brutal Message to Biden – He Has Just 2 Words for Joe on 2024


Every time Joe Biden steps up to a microphone in public, the American people cringe and Democrats get more nervous. They don’t know if he will mumble, forget names of close allies, or completely misread the teleprompter right in front of his face.

What Democrats do know is that Biden isn’t helping himself with his weird quips and untimely gaffes. Democrats also fear he ultimately will cause self-inflicted political wounds in the general election and likely negatively affect down-ballot candidates.

Biden is the poster boy for how not to run a presidential campaign at this time. Political supporters are calling on Biden to change his tactics. Former Obama adviser Van Jones said Biden’s best plan for this election cycle is to lay low.

From the Washington Examiner:
“If I were Biden … I would stay hidden,” Jones said. “And I’ll tell you why — he doesn’t inspire confidence. And he’s not a great messenger for himself.”

Jones, a self-professed Trump opponent and CNN contributor, told Joe to “stay hidden” after former President Donald Trump trounced GOP challenger Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary.

The liberal media personality said Biden should send out Democrat supporters such as union members and union leaders. Jones touted what he called Biden’s “tremendous job for this country” as an asset that surrogates could message for Biden.

Still, Jones questioned the capability of Biden’s current campaign efforts and plans. He doesn’t believe Biden can pull off a direct run at Trump.

“There’s something wrong with this campaign, where we’re somehow expecting Joe Biden, who frankly hid during the last campaign, to come out now and be Flash Gordon and save his own campaign,” Jones said.

The harsh statements from Jones were a shock to other members of a news panel. One panel contributor called Biden’s campaign “disciplined.” Jones’ criticism also contrasted with the consensus within the Democratic Party that has united behind Biden. Other Democrats have openly questioned the 81-year-old Biden as a problem for Democrats as a 2024 presidential candidate.

The comments from Jones may not get much play across liberal media outlets, but he sure seems to be speaking in unison with many voters on both sides of the aisle. Republicans are likely to hope Biden stays in the race and campaign as he has so far.

Source: Washington Examiner