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Full Autopsy Revealed For Teen Found Dead On Desolate Highway After Four-Day Party


Full Autopsy Revealed For Oklahoma Teen Found Dead On Desolate Highway After Four-Day Party With Friends

The death of a teenager found beside a highway last September remains shrouded in mystery, as his full autopsy reveals the cause is still “undetermined.”

The Daily Mail reported that Noah Presgrove, 19, was discovered wearing only two mismatched shoes on a desolate stretch of US-81 in the rural town of Terral on September 4. 

He was last seen alive about a mile away at a heavily documented four-day 22nd birthday party with friends over the Labor Day weekend.

The Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Leonardo Roquero, finally released the full autopsy report on Monday, more than eight months later. 

Roquero confirmed Presgrove died of “multiple blunt force injuries,” but how he sustained them remains “undetermined.” 

The report detailed the gruesome injuries the teen sustained in the hours before his death.

Roquero outlined extensive injuries to Presgrove’s upper body, including 10 broken ribs, severe skull and neck fractures, internal bleeding, and abrasions all over his body. 

The skin on the left side of his scalp was torn off to the bone, and a clump of hair and skin was found in the middle of the highway. “Additionally, a clump of hair was observed on the right buttock without blood or tissue,” Roquero noted.

Both of the 22-year-old’s upper and lower teeth were broken, with fragments found inside his mouth and others scattered across the road several feet from his body. 

He was bleeding from his ears and had a cut on his lower lip. Presgrove’s C1, C2, C6, and C7 vertebrae were fractured to varying degrees, with C1 displaced, indicating a seriously broken neck. 

An extensive skull fracture ran across his head, along with multiple smaller ones, leading police investigators to describe his head as “caved in.”

Presgrove had approximately 20 milliliters of blood pooled inside his head from a brain bleed and suffered damage to the brain itself. 

Both lungs were punctured, and he sustained internal injuries to his heart, spleen, and stomach, along with internal bleeding of at least 1,550 milliliters, or about 3.2 pints. 

He also had road rash on his upper back and abrasions on his left shoulder, left arm, left side of his torso, and both buttocks.

Grazes marked Presgrove’s left eyebrow, the corner of his left eye, his left cheek, left ear, right neck, and the area behind his right ear.

Roquero reported “no vehicle parts or debris observed on the scene,” suggesting Presgrove was almost certainly not hit by a car, Daily Mail added.

“He was naked and was only wearing unmatching shoes. There was a pair of shorts found several feet from the decedent and was reported to be his,” Roquero noted. “Additionally, there were three pieces of a white metal chain as well as part of a tooth present several feet from the decedent.”

Roquero observed “a drawing in black ink of a stick-figure person on the side of the right thigh.” A video from the party on Saturday night, September 2, showed Presgrove’s friends drawing their names and other doodles on his back and buttocks.

Presgrove apparently did not manage to remove all the marker before returning to the party the next evening despite going home and washing some of it off.

Presgrove’s Adidas shoe was his own, while the other, a ‘Hey Dude’ slip-on, belonged to another party guest who was asleep at the time. Notably the boy’s shorts remained undamaged.

“Currently, the OHP is not investigating Presgrove’s death as a murder,” A statement from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) read. “The investigation is not over, and anyone with information on Presgrove’s death is encouraged to contact [us].”

Not investigating the teen’s death as a murder, however, does not rule out manslaughter, and detectives are considering multiple theories.

Friends and family who saw Presgrove’s body said his badly battered face “looked like he got beat up by five dudes,” despite OHP’s stance.

“We would like to publicly thank the team that are working in unison tirelessly to navigate what has always been called a suspicious death, not a murder which is killing by premeditation,” Presgrove’s family stated.

“We understand everyone’s frustrations more so than anyone. However, we ask that everyone be mindful of their dedication and perseverance in finding answers,” they continued.