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GOP Rep Gets Jake Tapper To Admit The Biden Family Is Sleazy: “Certainly, there’s sleaze — there’s sleaze there”


GOP Rep James Comer got CNN host Jake Tapper to admit on live television that the Biden family is sleazy.

TAPPER: So let’s pause it for the sake of argument that Hunter Biden is sleazy, and the president’s relatives tried to profit off the Biden family brand, something CNN has reported on. What’s new in this memo?

COMER: Well before we released the memo, we interviewed Devon Archer, who is one of the associates who was a partial owner of one of the shell companies that the Bidens were receiving money from foreign nationals and then laundering it into Biden bank accounts.

So the associate Devon Archer testified that Joe Biden had, in fact, spoken to over 20 of the people who had wired the money to the Biden family members. So we’re concerned the president is compromised because of the millions of dollars his family’s received.”

TAPPER: Well, you definitely have made a case that the people who are around President Biden in terms of the lobbyists and his son Hunter have trafficked on that connection to the then vice president, now president. But I haven’t yet seen any evidence that the president did anything wrong.

So it’s assumptions. It’s how the world works, but, again, just looking for evidence, because we’re talking about impeachment here.

I don’t see any evidence of any crime., And frankly, that is how the world works in Washington, D.C. And if you guys are going to launch an effort to try to reform Washington so people who are powerful can’t have their wives and children and husbands and others traffic on that relationship, I will be first in line to help you out.

But it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to do that. It seems like you’re trying to just go after President Biden.

COMER: No, we’re trying to do that. That’s been the goal from day one, is to have a legislative fix.

A lot of the president’s defenders, especially in the media, say that, well, influence peddling is a cottage industry in Washington. Well, it needs to change.

But let’s just go back to not having any evidence of wrongdoing with Joe Biden. Look, six banks…

TAPPER: By Joe Biden, not…


COMER: … Biden family…


TAPPER: … not — like, certainly, there’s sleaze — there’s sleaze there.

COMER: But, look, remember…


TAPPER: I’m saying, what did the president do wrong, though?

COMER: Well, remember, when we started this investigation at the end of January — that’s when I got subpoena power, the last week of January — the narrative was, the laptop was Russian disinformation, Joe Biden’s family never received money from China, Joe Biden’s family never received any of this money while he was vice president, and Joe Biden never communicated with any of the people that sent his family this money.

All four of those things have been proven false. So, our investigation has already turned up a lot of information. Now, I think, even though there may not be any curiosity by my friends at CNN, I think there’s curiosity by a majority of Americans who, wait a minute, you’re telling me Joe Biden…

TAPPER: I’m very curious about it, sir. I’m very curious about it.

COMER: I know. All right.

TAPPER: That’s why I’m reading your reports. That’s why I have you on the show.