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“Greatest Scam Of All Time” Exposed – Feds Guilty of Bombshell Trillion-Dollar Blunder


When the government flipped out over the COVID pandemic, it ruined the lives of millions of people. Thanks to fearmongers in the federal government, states shut down countless businesses, putting millions out of work.

Our government’s “brilliant” solution? Spend trillions of dollars it didn’t have in the form of unemployment benefits and other payouts. Since 2020, the government nearly tripled the deficit, spending incredible sums of cash to “battle” COVID. But, as it turns out, this poorly-planned response to COVID resulted in the biggest scam in U.S. history.

From Yahoo News:

The list of various CARES Act schemes is endless and astounding: the couple who scammed some $20 million off unemployment insurance while living as high rollers in Los Angeles; the Chicago man under indictment for selling bunk Covid tests and allegedly raking in $83 million (he has declared his innocence); the Florida minister who the feds allege faked the signature of his aging accountant, suffering from dementia, to steal $8 million in PPP loans (in a twist, the pastor has been locked in a legal battle to determine whether he’s psychologically fit to stand trial). One particularly loathsome and effective plot: offering fake meals to underprivileged children in Minnesota to reel in a whopping sum of $250 million.

The scams keep coming. The Congress-approved CARES Act made trillions of dollars available to bail out businesses suddenly shut down by state governments. But because this program was run by the government–which can’t do anything right–it allowed for countless scams.

The government’s own reports reveal that $16.2 billion to “suspicious” emails, $267 million to federal prisoners, $29 billion to people living in multiple states, and $139 million to dead people. Of course, California accounts for $20 billion of the stolen money.

The DOJ estimates that at least $100 billion in COVID relief was “misappropriated,” meaning stolen. Truth be told, it is probably much higher than that. Between Trump and Biden, over $5 trillion of our children’s money was mortgaged on a flu-like virus. It was the biggest scam by the government and corporate America foisted onto taxpayers in history.

Large companies took in billions. Even universities like Harvard took money they didn’t need. We will never be able to pay off this debt–and in time, it will end up robbing millions of Americans of a chance at building wealth and retiring.

But don’t worry, nobody within the U.S. government will be held accountable for this grift.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new report details how much COVID relief money was stolen by scammers.
  • The U.S. gave away at least $100 billion to people cheating the government.
  • Congress has spent over $5 trillion to “battle” COVID, which will cost generations of U.S. citizens.

Source: Yahoo News