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Hillary Clinton Gets Humiliated in Public – This Could Be the Worst She’s Ever Looked


Not that long ago, Hillary Clinton faced the brutal mockery of a heckler. While speaking at a human rights event, someone confronted the woman over her support of Joe Biden.

The man accused Clinton of supporting a “warmonger” because Biden has been providing billions to wars overseas. Clinton refused to answer him and the man left as the audience appeared to applaud him.

It seems this trend is only continuing. Clinton was campaigning for a Democrat running for Houston mayor. That’s when someone in the crowd shouted down the former presidential candidate. But this time, they weren’t asking about Joe Biden.

From The Post Millennial:
Hillary Clinton was campaigning in Houston, Texas for Democrat Mayoral candidate Sheila Jackson Lee when independent journalist Alex Rosen interrupted her speech, which left both Clinton and attendees stunned.

“Hey, Hillary. Why did your husband visit Epstein Island 26 times?” Rosen shouted to Clinton as he rose up from his seat.

According to reports, independent journalist Alex Rosen confronted Hillary Clinton while she was stunning for Sheila Jackson Lee. He asked her about Bill Clinton, who infamously visited the deceased Jeffery Epstein’s island.

Clinton did not respond to the question. Members of the crowd started chanting “Sheila” in the hopes of drowning out Rosen. The journalist attempted to approach the stage but was prevented by security.

Video of the event shows security was unkind to the heckler. He was seen being dragged out by several guards by the back of his shirt.

Jeffrey Epstein had a long history with the Clintons. But there are still many unanswered questions about Bill Clinton’s relationship with the disgraced billionaire. He reportedly visited his island 26 times.

But the Clintons have not revealed what Bill was up to while visiting the island. Reports abound about the illicit activities that went on there. Epstein had been charged with sex trafficking and infamously died while awaiting trial.

The Clintons have claimed ignorance about Epstein’s accused crimes. But many doubt it. Given their close relationship with the man and his inner circle, numerous critics believe the Clintons should face investigations.

Source: The Post Millennial