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Hillary Clinton Goes On Bitter Anti-American Rant With Nancy Pelosi


Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi held an event at Columbia where Clinton, still bitter over 2016, went on an anti-American, anti-free speech rant.

Remember, Hillary and her team carefully crafted a false narrative about Trump and Russia and pushed it out personally, Hillary was one of the first to alert the world to the fake Alfa Bank story via her Twitter account, and through the media.

Hillary Clinton personally approved of the decision to lie to the media and the American public and to falsely smear her political opponent. Politics is a rough game but she should be ashamed of what she did and should only bring it up to apologize.

But Hillary’s cynism knows no bounds. She said:

“When you have a media company that is like Facebook and like other platforms who do not care what lies they traffic in as long as they get ad money, you have consequences.

Rather than defend America and American exceptionalism she urged other countries in the world, “Don’t go where we went, which was to largely unregulated media with no fairness doctrine, no accountability for lies — unless, of course, these lawsuits against Fox are successful.”

She praised France’s restrictive speech laws: “Probably what really helped Macron was a law in France, which said no coverage of the election 72 hours before.

“And a lot of the people who we were in on this effort to takedown Macron didn’t know about that law.

“So they started dumping all of this phony information on the Friday before the Sunday election, but because they didn’t know about the law, it got no traction.”

Clinton also told the audience about a conversation with former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern where Hillary asked why that country had less political polarization than Australia.

“We never let Rupert Murdoch have a television presence,” Ardern said, according to Clinton.

Pelosi tried weakly to go along and, forgetting that if Trump didn’t give Ukraine the javelins Putin would be in Kyiv by now, claimed Vlad feared Hillary more than Trump and he interfered in our election.

She said:

“When Secretary Clinton was in the Senate and First Lady, but especially as Secretary of State in more recent time, she was, she has been, and at that time implemented many things showing America’s support for democracy.

“It was her clarity in position to the President Putin, Occupant Leader of Russia, that made him turn around and ensure in an illegal way come out against her in her campaign.

“Interference in our democracy by Vladimir Putin because Hillary Clinton was the person he feared most in terms of his lack of democracy in Russia.

‘That’s I think self-evidence and thank you for what you have done.”