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Hours After DeSantis Meets With Trump – Florida Gov Makes Big-Time Announcement


Earlier this week, we learned about a meeting that took place between Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis. The two were bitter rivals during the presidential primaries. Both traded barbs against each other in their attempts to win Republican voters.

When DeSantis dropped out of the race, however, he endorsed Donald Trump. Sources claim the two Republicans got together to patch up their differences.

And that could mean they will be uniting to help the GOP in the big November election. Some might be speculating on DeSantis’s role in Trump’s campaign and possible administration. Now, we are learning what DeSantis intends to do in the coming months. And it is a big boost to the Trump campaign. DeSantis just announced his role in the upcoming election.

From the New York Post:
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis agreed to campaign on behalf of Donald Trump after the former rivals met Sunday morning as the ex-president looks to retake the White House, sources told The Post.

The two prominent Republicans met in Miami in an attempt to patch up a strained relationship, according to sources.

Insiders also told The Post that DeSantis is expected to raise money for the presumptive GOP nominee, on top of campaigning for him, after his own Oval Office ambitions came up short.

According to a new report, Ron DeSantis will be hitting the campaign trail in support of Donald Trump. DeSantis is a popular governor in the state of Florida, but he is also nationally recognized for his success as a conservative.

He will likely travel across the country to speak on behalf of the former president. With a liberal judge in New York trying to keep Trump away from campaign events, figures like DeSantis might prove pivotal in helping Trump secure votes.

DeSantis had previously discussed raising money from Trump’s campaign and other Republican campaigns for November. But now we know he is going beyond getting people to open up their wallets.

Both Republicans viciously attacked each other during the primaries. Trump had been attacking DeSantis long before the governor announced his campaign. But it appears all that is water under the bridge, as they work to remove Joe Biden from the White House.

Source: New York Post