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House Republicans Make Genius Move – This Would Make Every Taxpayer’s Life Easier


With Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House, Republicans have been pushing back against Joe Biden’s far-left agenda. But much more work has to be done. Yet another government shutdown is looming.

Republicans need to work out a deal to keep the government funded while slashing Biden’s wild demands for cash.

A group of conservative lawmakers is calling out the Speaker. They are demanding action to prevent Democrats from rushing through large spending bills. And their biggest demand could save Americans a huge chunk of cash.

From Daily Wire:
A group of House conservatives are requesting an update from Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) on spending negotiations ahead of yet another set of deadlines that could trigger a government shutdown and suggested a back-up plan that could trigger across-the-board spending cuts if they don’t win policy concessions…

They concluded the letter by asking, “If we are not going to secure significant policy changes or even keep spending below the caps adopted by bipartisan majorities less than one year ago, why would we proceed when we could instead pass a year-long funding resolution that would save Americans $100 billion in year one?”

Members of the Freedom Caucus led by Rep. Bob Good called on Mike Johnson for news about ongoing spending negotiations. Once again, the government is facing a shutdown. A new deal has to be made, to ensure the government doesn’t experience the embarrassment of a shutdown during an election year.

Democrats are no doubt pushing for radical demands that will see billions sent to Ukraine, along with other massive spending plans. The Freedom Caucus is calling on major policy changes before anything is passed.

But if that doesn’t happen, then they will settle for a “year-long funding resolution” that will cut $100 billion from the federal budget.

A partial government shutdown will begin on March 1st. So, lawmakers will be eager to get something done ASAP. Democrats often use these close deadlines to rush through a spending package that nobody takes a close look at. Which often results in billions getting thrown to liberal special interest groups.

Joe Biden doesn’t seem too concerned with how expensive his radical plans will cost the country in the coming years. Should the Freedom Caucus get its way, the American taxpayer could save big time.

Source: Daily Wire