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“I cried the whole way down the aisle”: Jada Pinkett Says She Never Wanted To Marry Will Smith, “I really didn’t wanna get married


A video you can see below surfaced of Jada Pinkett Smith emasculating Will Smith in public saying she ‘really didn’t want to get married’ to the actor before saying  she ‘cried the whole way down the aisle.’

She said: “I was under so much pressure, you know, being a young actress, being young, and I was just, like, pregnant and I just didn’t know what to do. I never wanted to be married. I really didn’t wanna get married.

“It was almost as if Gammy was like, ‘You have to get married, so let’s talk about the wedding. And now Gammy done gone to Will, crying about ‘I don’t want a wedding,’ and now I’m being forced to have a wedding.

“I just wanted it to be the two of us on a mountain because I was like: ‘This is serious business.’”

Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Jada’s mother also known as Gammy, said:

“The wedding was horrible. It was a mess. Jada was sick, she was very unpleasant. She didn’t cooperate with anything.”

Jada said:

“And I was so upset that I had to have a wedding. I was so pissed I went crying down the freaking aisle. I cried the whole way down the aisle.”

Will Smith got banned from the Oscars for ten years from the Academy for his slap. 

The Academy said: “The 94th Oscars were meant to be a celebration of the many individuals in our community who did incredible work this past year; however, those moments were overshadowed by the unacceptable and harmful behavior we saw Mr. Smith exhibit on stage.

“During our telecast, we did not adequately address the situation in the room. For this, we are sorry.

“This was an opportunity for us to set an example for our guests, viewers and our Academy family around the world, and we fell short — unprepared for the unprecedented.

“Today, the Board of Governors convened a meeting to discuss how best to respond to Will Smith’s actions at the Oscars, in addition to accepting his resignation. 

“The Board has decided, for a period of 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith shall not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually, including but not limited to the Academy Awards.

“Following Mr. Smith’s resignation of his Academy membership on Friday, April 1, suspension or expulsion are no longer a possibility, and the legally prescribed timetable no longer applies. 

“It is in the best interest of all involved for this to be handled in a timely fashion.

“We want to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Rock for maintaining his composure under extraordinary circumstances. 

“We also want to thank our hosts, nominees, presenters and winners for their poise and grace during our telecast.

“This action we are taking today in response to Will Smith’s behavior is a step toward a larger goal of protecting the safety of our performers and guests, and restoring trust in the Academy. 

“We also hope this can begin a time of healing and restoration for all involved and impacted,” the Academy said.