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Iconic American Monument Vandalized – Police Discover 2 Shocking Words Painted on It


The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., is one of the most recognizable monuments in America if not in the world. It symbolizes the grit, determination, and unity that are foundational to the American experience.

Millions of people travel to see the monument located on the National Mall. A series of steps lead up to the interior of the memorial with a statue of the 16th president of the United States seated in contemplation. The memorial is considered a sacred place by people promoting civil rights and peace in the country.

President Abraham Lincoln fought for equality, yet over the years some have damaged the monument to gain attention for their anti-American ideals. The memorial was again suffered damage after pro-Palestinian supporters attacked the sacred place with graffiti.

From The Daily Wire:
ABC News reported that the monument was vandalized with the phrase “Free Gaza,” which was painted in red, according to U.S. Park Police. Law enforcement have since opened up an investigation into the incident as clean-up crews work to restore one of America’s most iconic monuments.

The desecration of one this iconic American symbol included red paint and graffiti on the steps leading up to the memorial. Park police are requesting help with any information about what happened and who is responsible. Restoration began quickly and within just a couple of days the memorial was fully open to the public.

“The expert conservators on our staff removed most of the paint & latex on the Reflecting Pool steps… and finished up with a second treatment…,” the U.S. Park Service said. “The Lincoln Memorial and other sites remain open to the public. Good work, team!”

People who don’t respect the history and tradition of the United States should be stopped from committing acts of vandalism on national monuments.

Source: The Daily Wire