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Illegals Blindsided by Brutal Karma – Texas Just Pulled Off a Boss Maneuver


This week, the Supreme Court shocked the country by ruling in favor of the Biden administration. Even with the border out of control, the court decided the Feds could remove razor wire put up by the state of Texas.

A defiant Gov. Abbott vowed this was not the end. He has instructed the Texas National Guard to continue putting up wire, especially in the heavily trafficked town of Eagle Pass.

It’s unknown how the Biden administration will respond. Some Democrats are calling for the president to seize the Texas National Guard from Abbott—which could incite civil conflict. But, in the meantime, migrants are facing a harsh reality.

From The Post Millennial:
Razor wire installed along the banks of the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas’ Shelby Park appears to be working, with would-be illegal immigrants finding themselves unable to penetrate the barbed barrier…

According to NewsNation’s Jorge Ventura, many migrants have been spotted just on the other side of the razor wire, some of whom have been waiting there for three days in hopes of entering the United States via the park.

Based on footage provided by local media, the razor wire put up by Texas is successfully preventing migrants from entering the country. Reports indicate that migrants are unwilling to cross into Eagle Pass—deterred by the barriers installed by the Texas National Guard.

Americans have been outraged by the news that the federal government is tearing down barriers to let in illegal aliens. Biden’s DOJ and DHS claim they are only doing this to help migrants who have already crossed over the border.

Critics are poking holes in their obviously flawed logic. Republicans have accused President Biden of flagrantly violating U.S. immigration law. The Department of Homeland Security, along with Border Patrol, is not preventing illegals from entering. Instead, they have been forced to welcome migrants as they cross over and release them into the interior of the country.

Biden has even spent tax dollars flying migrants all over the country, while providing housing and other accomodations.

It seems clear that Texas will not stop its efforts to address the border crisis. But as tensions mount, many wonder when this powdered keg will explode.

Key Takeaways:

  • Migrants have been unable to enter Eagle Pass, TX—due to the razor wire.
  • Texas continues to erect the wire, despite a ruling from the Supreme Court.
  • The Republican state has been battling the Biden administration, which has done seemingly little to protect the border.

Source: The Post Millennial