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Special Counsel John Durham is said to be focusing all of his attention right now on the Hillary Clinton campaign and a recent filing has put Michael Sussmann on dangerous ground. His only defense was to argue that the information he passed to the FBI about a connection between Trump and Alpha Bank was true. But, Durham has named witnesses who will testify that it was all a hoax.

Furthermore, if need be he can call John Brennan, former head of the CIA. He informed Obama that Hillary had given the okay to the smear campaign against Trump. Durham has been calling Hillary campaign officials to the grand jury and has questioned them about what they were aware of happening inside the Hillary campaign. John Podesta claims he was not in the loop for the Alpha bank hoax.

This confirms an important avenue of Durham’s investigation. They are trying to determine if the Hillary Campaign or Hillary for America were part of a conspiracy to traffic false information to the FBI. They allegedly passed on their hoax to other government agencies.

Durham’s latest filing (available here) provides context to his statement that Hillary for America, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and former employees of that campaign were involved “in matters before the Special Counsel.”

That is based almost entirely on the false story that a link between Trump and Alpha Bank existed. Durham included a letter from Sussmann’s lawyers that they would not “offer evidence, or engage in questioning, that would imply, assert, or seek to prove the authenticity of the relevant DNS data or the actual truth of the allegations at issue concerning a secret channel of communications between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank.”

From The Gateway Pundit

That statement is the strongest thus far that the Special Counsel has determined the Alfa Bank/Trump data was spoofed in order to mislead the press and the FBI. A conspiracy, if you will.

Moving on – besides Alfa Bank, what else might these “matters” referenced by Durham include?

For starters, whether the Clinton Campaign or Hillary for America knew about, or directed the activities of, Charles Dolan (the longtime Clinton ally and the “source” of Steele dossier primary subsource Igor Danchenko). As we noted back in January, we believe that Dolan has testified before a grand jury on these issues.

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