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Jill Biden Scandal Rocks D.C. – White House Insider Exposes Stunning ‘Work Husband’ Allegations


Since Biden took office, we’ve heard numerous stories about what has been going on at the White House. Vice President Kamala Harris has been accused of allowing a toxic work environment.

Several officials, including managers, have been outed for abusive treatment of other staffers.

But this latest story just might take the cake. A former top Biden aide is blowing the whistle on Jill Biden’s “work husband.” As it turns out, this high-ranking Biden official has been up to no good.

From Fox News:
The reported actions of a top White House official that included allegations of longtime bullying and verbal sexual harassment of staffers are accurate, a former top Biden aide told Fox News Digital, who said the claims should trigger an internal investigation.

On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that first lady Jill Biden’s top aide, Anthony Bernal, who is openly gay, has a history of questionable work conduct but is deemed “untouchable” because she views him as her “work husband.”

Anthony Bernal is Jill Biden’s top aide. The openly gay official has been repeatedly accused of bullying and “verbal sexual harassment” of people working under him. But he has not faced any kind of consequences, because he is Jill’s “work husband.”

It seems that Biden has been protecting her buddy, ensuring he couldn’t be touched despite these accusations.

A former Biden aide is confirming these reports, which came out recently via a New York Post report. Bernal would make insulting, sexual comments about staffers as a way of gaining the “upper hand.”

The former staffer even said, “I’m surprised it has taken this long for so many staffers to speak out.” It seems Bernal has been acting this way for years, even in Biden’s campaign and during his vice presidency.

Apparently, he mistreats staff to have “power over them.” The whistleblower claims his actions are “classic Me Too.”

Staffers have accused Bernal of making “inappropriate remarks” including comments that classify as sexual harassment. Why would Jill Biden, and her husband, tolerate that kind of behavior?

Was it okay, because he made these comments about men? Would Jill have allowed this if it was a man saying these things about women? Probably not. But this scandal seems to show that there is one standard for Jill and her inner circle and another for everyone else.

Source: Fox News