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Jill Biden’s Holiday Video Secret Exposed – And They Hoped You’d Never Find Out


Americans expressed disappointment and disgust at this year’s White House display. That’s because First Lady Jill Biden opted to decorate the historic building with garish, over-the-top, candy and toy-themed imagery.

To make matters worse, Biden posted a video showing off the display, featuring a dance troupe dressed in outlandish costumes.

It doesn’t seem that the video nor the decorations are being enjoyed by Americans. But now, we are learning who exactly Jill Biden hired to star in the video. And that’s adding more fuel to the already raging fire.

From Breitbart:
The tap dance troupe that First Lady Jill Biden invited to the White House for the annual unveiling of the Christmas decorations engages in radical left activism, promoting not just the defunding of police departments but the abolishment of law enforcement and prisons around the country.

The group singles out “white people” on its official site, holding them at least partially responsible for “white and state-sanctioned violence.”

Jill Biden not only upset Americans with her Christmas display; now she hires a dance group known for their outspoken, progressive views. Dorrance Dance’s website reveals the group promotes the “greatest hits” of the radical left.

Among other things, it calls for the defunding of police, a policy that many claim has led to an explosion of crime in blue cities. The group also wants to abolish law enforcement, apparently in its entirety, as well as prisons.

The group also singles out white people, accusing them of “white and state-sanctioned violence.” Dorrance Dance’s website has an “antiracism” page that promotes Black Lives Matter.

One might wonder why Jill Biden chose this group to appear in this video, out of all the dance groups in the country. By inviting this group to perform at the White House, Biden is tacitly endorsing its radical, progressive views.

The Biden administration has been heavily criticized for shirking moderate positions on most issues. Instead, Republicans have hit the president for embracing the far left on the environment, law enforcement, border security, and spending.

Source: Breitbart