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Jill Biden’s Secret Just Slipped Out in D.C. – Look What She’s Doing for Joe Behind the Scenes


One of the hardest jobs on the planet is being the president of the United States. It takes smarts, stamina, and the ability to handle more than one task at a time.

Problems arise when the commander in chief struggles with the high-intensity tasks set before him, such as speaking engagements, foreign policy decisions, domestic economic issues, and the location and time of the next meeting on his schedule.

Reports leaked out that President Joe Biden may have a little too much on his plate when it comes to him getting things done throughout the day. The question is whether Joe’s right-hand woman has more influence over the president’s daily activities than people realize.

From Fox News:
First lady Jill Biden has an “extraordinary amount of influence” over President Biden’s schedule to keep him from getting overtired, and his claims of feeling youthful are drawing eye rolls from his staff, according to a new report.

The reporter who delivered the news is someone people might not expect – Alex Thompson from the liberal Axios. He revealed his assessment his week during a segment of “CNN This Morning.” He reported that Jill Biden has an “extraordinary amount of influence” regarding the president’s schedule.

“Now, it’s usual for first ladies to keep an eye on the schedule,” Thompson said. “It is not so normal for a first lady to be crafting the presidential schedule.”

There is also conflict among Joe Biden’s aides over his age and managing his presidential schedule. Behind closed doors, Thompson explained, aides relayed that Biden often says, “‘I feel so much younger than my age.” That creates tension, the reporter said, as Biden ends up overextending himself because he doesn’t know his physical limitations.

Thompson noted that aides feel the president tries to do too much and wears himself out. That in turn presents Biden as more tired as he participates in more public events. Thompson believes that is contributing to poll numbers showing 70% of voters have serious concerns over a second Biden term in office.

Jill Biden, according to Thompson, is heavily involved in watching how much rest her husband gets and keeping him eating healthy. Her goal as his “protector” is to help him stay healthy, get enough rest, and be able to present as “vigorous going into this re-election.”

In Joe Biden’s 2017 memoir “Promise Me Dad,” Jill Biden was quoted as saying, “Joe’s working too hard.” Thompson noted that this was when Joe Biden was in his early 70s and Jill Biden was worried over how the job was affecting him.

“He’s exhausted. He’s not sleeping. It’s going to kill him,” Jill Biden then said of her husband, according to Thompson.

Source: Fox News