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Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Pushes Anti-Free Speech Stance in Fight Against Nick Fuentes


Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Enters Free Speech Debate Against Nick Fuentes on  X

Jordan Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, is facing a whirlwind of backlash on  X for her comments in which she referred to individuals criticizing Jewish people as “Nazis” and called for them to be censored on the social media platform. This ultimately led Mikhalia to engage in a debate on the subject of free speech with conservative commentator Nick Fuentes on X.

Mikhaila called for the censorship of what she describes as “Nazis” on X after a user named Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis pointed out that the owners of porn website OnlyFans, hookup apps Tinder, Grindr and Bumble, in addition to a collection of other porn websites, are all Jewish.

Mikhaila attacked Loupis for the post, accusing her of using “cherry picked data.” She then said that 30% of Nobel Peace Prize winners are Jewish people.

“I cannot believe I’m seeing Nazi’s in my lifetime that didn’t grow up in a cave. She’s an MD. Spewing cherry picked data while completely ignoring facts like almost 30% of Nobel Peace Prize winners are Jews. Maybe there does need to be some content moderation @elonmusk,” Mikhaila wrote.

Mikhaila recounted comments made by these users who called Jews “rats” and used hashtags such as “filth.” She ultimately said there to be more “content moderation” on  X, otherwise known as censorship.

The post received negative backlash from many, including Fuentes, who fired back.

“Your dad literally called me a rat last week. Thank you for exposing yourself and revealing who you really work for,” Fuentes wrote.

“Both of you freaks should be deported to Israel since you love it so much. They can have you,” he added.

Responding to her post, Fuentes issued a scathing rebuke of Mikhaila and her father, calling them “complete frauds.”

“You and your father are both complete frauds,” Fuentes said.

“It’s all ‘free speech’ and ‘open debate’ until one particular group gets criticized even a little bit — then you are the first ones calling for censorship,” he added. “Total hypocrisy, we see right through you.”

Considering that many users on the platform appeared to take Fuentes’ side, Mikhaila doubled down on her argument that  X “is popularizing a dangerous ideology by not grouping Nazi posts in with hate speech (already moderated).”

Mikhaila, who deleted her original post equating anti-Jewish sentiment to Nazi rhetoric, said she didn’t remove it “from fear,” rather she “expanded on it.”

“Also Nazism is a bad long term strategy Sam, especially for a senator,” Mikhaila said, responding to a post by former GOP Senate candidate Sam Parker.

Fuentes ultimately addressed the situation later on in  X space, during which he said that Peterson has refused to engage in a discussion or debate with him as he views Fuentes as being too irredeemably evil. The conservative commentator then pointed out that Peterson will gladly hold a conversation with leftists such as “Destiny,” a YouTuber known for holding a variety of views that most right-wingers would consider to be extreme or immoral.

The conservative commentator also questioned how Peterson, a figure well-known for his advocacy for men to improve themselves, could find it in his heart to say such vitriolic things to a person he does not know personally, especially when he treats far-left radicals with far more respect.

Meanwhile, Mikhaila pinned a post telling her followers that her dad had spoken to her amid the feud on  X.

“Dad @jordanpeterson called me last night. Probably worried I was upset by the X drama (I’m not). He said it was better to have less moderation, even on Nazi posts, so that other people can see it. I get the slippery slope argument too, it’s just strange seeing NAZI’s,” she wrote.

The incident drew attention from numerous other prominent figures as well, including American journalist Elijah Schaffer, Andrew Tate’s brother Tristan Tate, in addition to Loupis herself. The group blasted those who say they are in favor of free speech but in reality are not.