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Josh Hawley Makes Power Move in D.C. – Reveals 1 Genius Plan to Stop Big Brother in Its Tracks


Americans were shocked when the Republican-controlled House passed a big that gives more power to the government. The House passed a bill to reauthorize the FISA program, that allows the government to spy on Americans without a warrant.

But this new bill does even more to violate Americans’ privacy rights. If passed, many more companies and people will be forced to share your data with the FBI.

Now, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley is taking a stand against this measure. And he is sounding the alarm over what Big Brother is trying to do. With his help, this measure might be killed.

From Breitbart:
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Thursday said he introduced an amendment to end an FBI “power grab” in a spy powers bill that is meant to rein in government surveillance abuse.

Hawley wrote, “Everyone should know about the Turner Amendment. This part of the House bill gives the FBI the power to press even MORE individuals into helping facilitate government surveillance. Could your landlord or your handyman be sharing your info with the FBI? Maybe.”

Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee sponsored an amendment that would give the FBI even more power to spy on Americans. This measure updates the definition of “electronic service provider” that expands how the government can collect data on you.

Already, the government has access to companies that grant you access to the Internet, as well as streaming services and other services you use online. But with this move, everyone from your landlord, handyman, and other people will be obligated to share your data with the government.

Sen. Hawley is calling for a move to strip this amendment out of the new FISA bill. He claims this amendment would give more power to the FBI, which he states does not deserve it.

The FBI has received many black eyes in recent years over its questionable actions. The agency has gone after parents while ignoring illegal migrant violence. It has been accused of protecting Joe Biden, despite having evidence against him and his family.

If Hawley is successful, this measure will be taken out of the bill. Americans have also been petitioning their lawmakers to completely oppose this bill, so it will not see the light of day.

Source: Breitbart