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Joy Behar Loses Her Mind on Live TV – Claims 2 Insane Things Will Happen if Trump Elected


Liberals lost their minds this week after former President Donald Trump let loose a flurry of comments about domestic and foreign policy. Anything he says is misconstrued and elevated to a level of delusion by radical liberals.

Trump is known for using the power of his words to motivate people whether in business or politics. When he hits hard on a topic, people listen and act. This method worked well for him when he was president and what he said was heard loud and clear by foreign leaders.

Trump-hating TV host Joy Behar was triggered this week after Trump used harsh verbal tactics when he called out U.S. allies who are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). She took his words and twisted them into a delusional assessment of Trump’s intentions.

Behar, host of “The View” on ABC, said during the Tuesday segment that if Trump regains the White House Russian President Vladimir Putin will invade Europe and the U.S. will have to reinstate the military draft. Her disdain for Trump was rabid as she referred to Trump as a “77-year-old criminal who only cares about getting out of jail.”

From Breitbart:
“… all weekend I was ruminating about what he said about getting us out of NATO. I don’t think people understand what that means. You know, I saw this video of all these young MAGA guys celebrating Trump and you know what, you guys will be draft age. You want to start up with Russian, the Russians going into Ukraine and then to Crimea and then to Poland? What’s next, France, Germany, Italy? You think Americans are not going to be involved in that kind of a war. That’s what you’re looking at with this guy.”

Trump has been attacked all over the liberal mainstream media for recent comments. The Associated Press (AP) reported that Trump said he would not defend NATO members that don’t meet defense spending targets. This comment came days after he “set off alarms” in Europe, according to the AP, by suggesting he would tell Russia to attack NATO allies he considered delinquent.

Trump famously prompted European allies during his presidency to start paying their fair share into NATO funds as required by the treaty. Trump called out these allies for not meeting their obligation and expecting the United States to pay most of the bills.

By calling out foreign leaders on the 2024 campaign trail, Trump sent leftists into various states of mental anguish. Behar appeared almost ready to lose her mind during the TV segment as she railed in fury over the situation. She compared Putin to Hitler and claimed the Russian leader will invade European countries.

“This is what Putin is going to do,” Behar claimed. “It is very, very urgent that we not elect this man (Trump). It’s not just about us, it’s not about just the economy, it’s about the world’s geopolitical issue.”

She attempted to take her fearmongering to another level by claiming the U.S. would be drawn into such a war, and at a considerable human cost.

“These boys who are 13, 14, 15, they will be the ones to go,” Behar said. “They will have the draft back again.”

Source: BreitbartMSN