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Justin Trudeau’s Half-Brother Reveals the Truth About Canadian Prime Minister in Revelatory Tucker Carlson Interview


Former Fox News host and conservative firebrand Tucker Carlson released a bombshell interview with Justin Trudeau’s half-brother Kyle Kemper on Sunday, in which the Canadian Prime Minister’s expresses serious criticisms of Canadian government’s COVID-19 policies while paying respect to Trudeau on a personal level.

Kemper is the child of Margaret Trudeau and her second husband Fried Kemper. Margaret Trudeau is the undisputed mother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, though the Canuck leader’s paternity has been the subject of some controversy, with some writers alluding to a purported physical resemblance between Justin and a certain Cuban Communist revolutionary.

While Kyle Kemper’s unshorn hair and eccentric attire might suggest progressive political affinities, taking after the “flower child” presentation of his mother, the younger half-brother of Canada’s progressive leader took a strong stance for individual medical freedom, railing against the vaccine policies of his more famous relative.

“I have five children, a sixth on the way, and I’m not willing to expose myself to something that could be very dangerous. There’s a difference between fear and danger. You know, if you operate in a land of worrying about all the things that scare you, that’s one thing. To be aware and conscious of clear and present dangers… is important, and that’s what I chose to do,” Kemper said, referring to the health risks of the existing COVID-19 vaccines.

Kemper also claims that he had “always” been concerned about the political aspirations of his half-brother.

“You know, I was always worried that, what might happen, you know, when Justin was in power, like what kind of scenario could happen, if another 9/11 type massive global scenario could unfold…”

When asked by Carlson why he would worry about that, Kemper explains his longstanding concerns that such a crisis could be an occasion for government overreach.

“Because what type of actions would come out of it,” Kemper responded. “just like in the wake of 9/11 we saw all the nations of the world come together under this anti-terror plan and this War on Terror, now we have the War on COVID.”

Nonetheless, perhaps with a characteristically Canadian abundance of politeness, Kemper claims that he “loves” his half-brother “very much” and rebuts Carlson’s claims that Justin Trudeau seemed to smoke a lot of cannabis. Yet he was

“He likes the attention, and he likes to be the leader of the show, and when the opportunity for him to follow in his [purported] father’s footsteps and be Prime Minister of Canada… he’s an amazing person, and he was able to connect with so many people, and very lovable—but once this COVID and the vaccine took place… what was really being reflected?”

When asked by Carlson whether he had perceived a potential for Trudeau to abuse power, Kemper attempted to contextualize his view of the Trudeau’s actions while strongly criticizing the policies and rhetoric.

“I don’t think he’s abusing power; I just think power in general is being abused,” Kemper adds, claiming that many of Trudeau’s most polemical remarks about the virus may be attributable to mass formation psychosis.