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Kamala Harris Caught in 1 Ridiculous Lie – Then She Makes an Insane Demand


Democrats are seeing a major rift within their party over Israel. Most moderates support Biden’s continued alliance with Israel, as the nation fights Hamas over the October 7th attacks.

But a loud group of progressives, along with some Muslim Americans, have turned on Israel. They have accused the nation of “genocide” and are outraged that Biden supports it.

This could cost Biden the election, but he can’t turn on Israel—without losing many more voters. It seems Kamala is doing the dirty work of criticizing Israel (or is mutinying against Biden). While speaking recently, she seemingly mischaracterized an event involving IDF troops and an aid convoy.

From Daily Wire:
“And just a few days ago, we saw hungry, desperate people approach aid trucks, simply trying to secure food for their families after weeks of nearly no aid reaching Northern Gaza. And they were met with gunfire and chaos.”

What Harris failed to mention was that the Palestinians stampeded each other to reach the aid convoy (an aid convoy provided by Israel, by the way). Israeli shoulders had to fire at those in the crowd who attacked them, despite the fact they were providing aid.

After slandering the IDF, Harris went on to make a galling demand.

From Daily Wire:
“And the Israeli government must do more to significantly increase the flow of aid. No excuses,” Harris later added. “They must open new border crossings. They must not impose any unnecessary restrictions on the delivery of aid. They must ensure humanitarian personnel, sites, and convoys are not targeted. And they must work to restore basic services and promote order in Gaza so more food, water, and fuel can reach those in need.”

Harris, seemingly ignoring how Israel continues to send aid to Gaza, is demanding Israel to “do more to significantly increase” aid to the Palestinians. Plenty of people will ask why Israel is required to provide aid to a group that allowed Hamas to kill helpless civilians.

Since the October 7th attack, Israel has received ongoing condemnation from the international community. Shockingly little has been said against Hamas and its brutal and vile attack.

Instead, progressives in the U.S. (not to mention globalists within the UN) have seemingly defended Hamas, while accusing Israel of genocide. These same progressives ignore Israel’s efforts to avoid civilian casualties. Harris is demanding Israel do more to help the very people who chant for its destruction.

As usual, Harris’s comments make no sense and will amount to nothing.

Source: Daily Wire