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Kamala Harris Gets Devastating News: Eye-Opening Report Shows Her Career Might Be Over


Nothing is confirmed, but people might want to keep an eye out for flying cows: a leftist political publication just flipped a portion of the liberal media upside down after exposing ongoing failures of Kamala Harris, who occupies the position of vice president of the United States.

The publication dubbed Joe Biden’s right-hand person as a flailing wannabe who isn’t likely to succeed her controversial superior under any circumstances. And, if she did replace him, then her likely failure would be monumental.

The revelation came after a poll conducted by a leftist spin machine that acts as a news publication. The results showed just how badly Harris is viewed in the eyes of voters, even Democrats.

From Breitbart:
Polling has forced the far-left Politico to admit Her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris is “facing serious doubts about her ability to win the presidency herself, or to perform the job well were she to inherit it.”

Kamala’s favorability rating is ten points underwater, 52/42 unfavorable/favorable. That’s only a tiny bit better than Biden’s 54/43.

When asked if Kamala would make a good president, only 41 percent said yes, while 51 percent said no. Among Independents, those numbers drop to 34/51 percent.

In other words, many Americans believe Kamala is a no-go to replace Joe Biden, who is also crumbling in the polls lately.

Breitbart was harsh in its assessment of Harris as a viable presidential candidate. Why? Apparently, voters believe she lacks intelligence, has no constituency, was arguably brought onto the Biden ticket because of her “sex and skin color,” and has no accomplishments as vice president.

Democrats are taking note of how voters are recognizing Harris’s failures throughout her term under the current administration. She is below 50 percent in support from voters on key issues among Democrats, including voting rights, protecting Medicare and Social Security, and taking on climate change. She only scores above 50 percent on abortion issues.

“We talk to Americans and they can’t really give voice to all the accomplishments of the president and the vice president, even when they’ve been big and super important,” said Gretchen Barton, a Democratic strategist who has conducted research on voters across swing states.

“That’s a real problem because people are ultimately looking for someone who can get things done and they are waiting to hear what’s been delivered.”

Harris has done little to nothing in the eyes of many voters and she may well be replaced on the Biden ticket before the November election.

Source: Breitbart