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Kamala Harris Makes Insane Prediction – If Trump Wins, 1 Crazy Thing Could Happen


Leftist Democrats have a snarky way of saying one thing out of one side of their mouth and another from the other side of the mouth. It’s no wonder fewer people in their own party are trusting them less and less with every wild claim made.

The leftist side of the political aisle has a long history of screaming for justice and democracy before they vandalize or destroy government or public property. This dates back to the “peace” marches in the 1960s and raged again just a few years ago with violent activism from “mostly peaceful” protesters.

Democrats’ dizzying ability to claim loyalty to American values while ignoring the same came to a head when Vice President Kamala Harris cackled about her perspective on democracy. She believes that if former President Donald Trump retakes the White House that the foundation of America is doomed.

From Fox News:
Vice President Harris expressed her exasperation with former President Donald Trump during a recent podcast interview, and agreed that 2024 “genuinely could be” the last democratic election in America’s history.

Harris made the claims on an episode of the “I’ve Had It” podcast that aired on Tuesday. During the show, Harris spoke to co-hosts Jennifer Welch and Angie “Pumps” Sullivan about politics, notably the Biden-Harris ticket’s rematch with Trump.

This was the only newsworthy aspect from a blathering production that featured topics such as astrology. Harris was prodded along by the co-hosts in a game of “had it or hit it” with idea of expressing whether your opinion supports a topic, person, or thing, or you’ve “had it.”

Harris quickly said she has, “Totally had it,” with Trump when asked. Shaking her head, she added, “Had it over and over and over again. There’s so much at stake in this election.”

The vice president appeared triggered because of his aggressive rhetoric, and said leaders aren’t weak because they “have some level of care and concern for the suffering of other people.”

She was baited by the co-hosts again when they claimed Trump “telegraphs how crazy he is” via his late-night posts on Truth Social and openly honest interviews on conservative news shows.

Harris couldn’t resist by responding, “There’s no whisper. There is no dog whistle. It is like a gigantic bark.”

There was more baiting of topics expressing hate for Trump, including the “last democratic election” and Trum is a “dictator” attacks. Harris went along with the hyped-up criticism and mentioned how several world leaders she has met with expressed “real concern” about the presidential election and its effect on American democracy.

The irony of the anti-Trump rhetoric spewed by Harris and her co-clowns on the show was thick considering how leftist Democrats are using every legal tactic they can to deny Trump his rights. Trying to keep Trump off election ballots across the nation was a threat to democracy, and that threat was shot down by the judicial system.

Every time leftists get together and cry about Trump it seems to expose their true intent which is to undermine democracy and cement their hold on political power.

Key Takeaways:

  • VP Harris was triggered and claimed that a Trump win could be the end of U.S. democracy.
  • Her fear and exasperation were exposed on a podcast with fellow anti-Trump liberals.
  • Harris said that this November could be the last democratic election in America.

Source: Fox News