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Kamala Just Got Blindsided by Congress – New Bill Could Brutally Cripple the VP’s Office

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Republicans have faced an uphill battle for years when it comes to fighting the D.C. swamp and all the radical policies of the Biden administration. A new House Speaker and a GOP majority in the House have opened doors to new tactics.

Everything in Washington runs off money collected from taxpayers and if the liberal elites don’t have access to that money, they’re in trouble. Pet projects assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris, such as the border, NASA, IRS, and DEI, all need money. The GOP is using the power of the purse to cut funds for liberal projects.

From Fox News:
House Republicans are clamoring to defund a wide array of Biden administration offices, attaching several amendments to do just that to a government funding bill set to be considered this week.

The effort targets key funding for the Treasury and executive office of the president. The House GOP majority is attaching amendments into next year’s federal budget as a vehicle to force the Biden administration’s hand on hot button progressive policy points.

Funds for Harris’ office are a top target for Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) who wants funds there halted. Republicans also want to cut funds for the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) proposed reducing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Daniel Werfel’s salary to $1.

The GOP laundry list of cuts also includes two Offices of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (ODEIA) within the Biden administration, defunding the Treasury’s ODEIA and within the Office of Personnel Management. Another amendment would stop funding to the Treasury’s Climate Hub, an office responsible for helping the department form and coordinate its strategy around climate change.

House Republicans want more attention on specific spending requests and are working to pass 12 individual spending bills. Each bill targets a narrow part of the federal government funding for U.S. priorities in fiscal year 2024.

Republicans are under a tight deadline to get these proposals passed because the short-term funding extension passed by Congress ends on Nov. 17. The previous fiscal year ended on Sept. 30 and the federal government must be funded into next year.

Democrats won’t quietly give up the purse strings to GOP pressure. The White House has already issued veto threats for several House GOP proposals. Any budge appropriations passed in the House must face a Democrat-controlled Senate which has dubbed many GOP efforts as going nowhere.

Source: Fox News