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Kathy Griffin Gets Revenge, Trashes CNN And MSNBC: ‘Casual misogynist, bro culture, I feel like a sucker


Hollywood comedian Kathy Griffin took revenge on her former friends in the media who turned on her after an ill-advised comedy bit backfired. Griffin called MSNBC host Chris Hayes a casual misogynist, trashed CNN’s bro culture and took a swipe at Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper in a new interview.

On cancel culture she said: “What I take umbrage to is when people talk about people being canceled. Like Roseanne, who called Valerie Jarrett, my friend, an ape. Pardon me? I don’t want to be in that article. I never did that. I wouldn’t. And Roseanne should have paid the price. I took a picture of a monster and I portrayed him as a monster. And I was erased.”

On casual misogyny she said: “Extremely dangerous because it tends to come from the left. Jonathan Chait is a writer who I think would be surprised if I called him a casual misogynist.

“I think Chris Hayes on MSNBC is a casual misogynist. There are women who, to be super powerful, have to act like the dude.

“I don’t know Jennifer Salke [the head of Amazon Studios], but what I hear about her is kind of scary.

“I don’t know any executives that are women that don’t have maybe a little casual misogyny.

“They can be lethal because sometimes they’ll just cut you off and then quietly tell all the other guys that you’re a bitch.”

On mega-churches she said:

“They’re all so full of shit. And they should have to pay taxes.”

She said of Joe Rogan and Elon Musk:

“His fan base is very frightening because the misogyny runs so deep.

“When I make fun of his show, the Elon Musk army comes after me, the Rogan army comes after me, the Tim Pool army comes after me.

“They’re very into swarming.

“I’ve known guys like Joe my whole career, and guys like that are best to stay away from.

“There are other people that can get in the arena with him, but at 61, I’m just trying to get uncanceled, make a living again, and recover from fucking cancer.”

She trashed CNN:

“I’m hopeful that the network will get better, because there’s a real bro culture over there.

“And when I say bro culture, as a woman, I’ve got to include men of color, gay men, white men.

“If they get away from the kind of leadership that Jeff Zucker used over there, then they’re only going to get better.

“If they just put a woman at the helm—and not a corporate woman that’s been doing what Jeff wants—which has never happened, I think that’s going to change stuff pretty quickly.”

She said of Anderson Cooper:

“I thought he was a real friend and I feel like a sucker.

“I guess I would say what he always says, which is, I wish him the best.”

On TMZ she said:

“I’m disturbed by their ties to the Trump world and shady characters like David Pecker from American Media and the National Enquirer. 

“That stuff was all fun and games when I was growing up with those headlines about lizard people, until they helped amplify an administration which mobilized a digital army of American human beings, who now believe there are such things as lizard people.”

Youn can read the full interview here.