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Lara Trump Reveals Her Big Surprise – She’s About to Release Something Very Special


Former President Donald Trump’s team has been able to develop some creative ways to get his message across. Trump can hold his own in business, politics, and marketing to the point of maintaining a high profile for four years outside the White House.

Trump employs a variety of people to help him achieve a level of success in politics that has never been seen before in U.S. politics. He continues to build on what he started as he moves forward in his 2024 presidential election bid as the presumptive Republican Party nominee.

One of the rising stars in Trump’s sphere of influence is his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump. She was recently elected co-chair of the Republican National Committee, and now she is set to unveil a creative surprise during this election cycle.

From Breitbart:
Lara Trump is releasing a single on Friday, titled “Anything is Possible,” which she wrote and produced along with some industry heavy hitters.

The song, which Breitbart News got an advance listen to, is about keeping faith, resilience, and having the confidence to take risks.

“Hard traveling a winding road, full faith in the one who knows … I put my armor on and I stand for what’s to come, ’cause there’s darkness before the dawn,” Trump sings — a line she first dropped in her speech to CPAC this year.

The music label producing and promoting Lara Trump’s song was giddy about the tune, her first original single is a “testament to her journey as a hardworking mother, a powerhouse in cultural influence, and more importantly an unstoppable recording artist.”

That was high praise from LJ Fino, President of First Class Label Group and executive producer of Trump’s music. He expects that music lovers will consider her work as a “fantastic record” because it is essentially a page out of her own diary.

Lara Trump said she was excited to share her passion for music with the world. She was witty when discussing the musical project and had a passive dig at her leftist detractors.

“While my immediate focus over the next 8 months will be my new role at the RNC, I look forward to a time when I can jump back into this space… unfortunately all my fans in the liberal media will have to wait a little longer,” Lara Trump said.

The original tune isn’t her first foray into a music release. Last fall she released her first single, a cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” The ditty was widely shut out from promotions on billboards, charts, and streaming services.

A billboard company in Times Square refused to print her name and Amazon changed metrics to confuse calculations of the song’s popularity. Apple Music and Spotify also censored visibility of the tune on their platforms.

The chorus of Lara Trump’s latest release stands up to all the trouble hurled at her by the leftist media and tech giants. The chorus promotes the underlying theme of Donald Trump’s campaign in 2024.

“Have faith, believe, just trust, you’ll see, anything is possible,” the chorus goes, to a tune Lara Trump is playing on the piano.

Source: Breitbart