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Leaked Document Shakes Up D.C. Swamp – The Public Hasn’t Seen This “Ultra-Woke” Evidence… Until Now


Under President Biden, we’ve learned that many federal agencies have neglected parts of their jobs in order to push progressive ideology.

From the State Department to the Pentagon, these agencies appear to be more concerned with “woke” policies than keeping America safe.

Now, a bombshell leak has exposed the NSA. The agency was designed to monitor threats against the nation. But it crafted a major document that instead polices people’s words.

From Daily Wire:
The National Security Agency, responsible for monitoring threats both foreign and domestic for the U.S. military, assumed a new responsibility under the Biden administration — creating a massive glossary of woke terms for employees, ranging from “anti-racist” to the gender-neutral pronouns “ze” and “zir.”…

It explicitly endorses the tenets of Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory, both of which are included as terms on the glossary.

According to the Daily Wire, the NSA created a massive glossary of “woke” terms for use by its employees. The document provides an “expansive guide,” containing 327 social justice terms commonly used by progressives in their push to indoctrinate Americans.

The book details the common terms used by groups that promote “diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.” Critics will quickly ask why an agency created to prevent terrorism is spending tax dollars and time on a “woke” handbook.

Some of the terms it defines include “white fragility,” “settler colonialism,” and “transmisogyny.”

It is possible that this document was designed to encourage and reinforce progressive views within the agency. It’s unclear how or when this document is used internally, but some might fear NSA employees will be required to use these terms while at the office.

The NSA has not issued a statement on this document. One possible scenario is that it compiled this “glossary” to equip agents when encountering progressive groups and/or documents. But Republicans are already attacking the agency over the leak.

Rep. Mike Waltz called the document “shocking.” As a member of the Intelligence Committee in the House, he confirmed that the work is authentic.

It is unclear how House Republicans will respond to this news. Perhaps they will require NSA officials to testify before various congressional committees.

Source: Daily Wire