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Liberal Comedian Loses It on Live TV – Sends 1 Desperate Message to Biden


News hit this week of a poll showing Biden losing to Trump in key swing states. In some states, Trump is actually beating Biden by ten points.

Some Democrats have suggested it was time for the party to find a replacement.

But one Hollywood actress took a different approach. It appears she is not taking the news well. And before a live studio audience, she had a meltdown.

From Breitbart:
Comedian Sarah Silverman has sounded the alarm over a recent poll showing former President Donald Trump beating President Joe Biden in key swing states, describing the results as “really scary for liberals.”…

“This is a wake up call to Joe Biden. I mean no really, Joe — wake up!” she said clapping her hands at the camera.

Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman appeared to panic over a recent poll that showed Trump beating Biden in swing states. She was guest hosting The Daily Show, which has been unable to find a successful host since Jon Stewart left nearly a decade ago.

The known liberal appeared to be freaking out at the news that Biden is losing ground in states he won in 2020. Yet she mocked the president, clapping her hands and telling him to wake up.

It appears Democrats are terrified that Trump could beat Biden. But they still seem to think Biden is unqualified due to his age and possible cognitive decline. Silverman seemed to joke about Biden being sleepy.

She even suggested he might “absolutely die in his sleep instead.” It’s hard to believe Democrats truly think Biden is the right candidate. They even agree that he is too old and suffering from health problems to be president.

Yet they are not considering a replacement, even with an entire year before the election. Silverman admitted this was “scary for liberals,” but she did not recommend the party finding someone else to run for them.

Democrats opposed the candidacy of Robert Kennedy, forcing him to become an independent candidate. It seems Democrats will vote for Biden, just to oppose Trump’s candidacy. Even after Biden has been blamed for a crippling economy, war overseas, and an open border.

Despite all this, they refuse to find someone else, while at the same time panicking at these election polls.

Source: Breitbart