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Lindsey Graham Sends Bombshell Message to Top Enemy – It’s a Searing 4-Word Threat


Violence around the world has escalated to new levels. The war in Israel, a key U.S. ally, has set off a domino effect of state actors making threats after more than 1,000 Israeli’s were slaughtered in a surprise attack by Hamas.

The U.S. has sent several aircraft carrier groups toward Israel and moved other aircraft, troops, and equipment into the region as a show of support to Israel. A U.S. senator escalated that support to another level over the weekend with a threat to one country pledging to support more attacks against Israel.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke directly to Iran whose leaders have said they are ready to escalate war against Israel through terrorist proxies such as Hezbollah.

From The Daily Wire:
“Iran, if you escalate this war, we’re coming for you,” Graham said.

He pledged to introduce a resolution to allow military action by the United States, in conjunction with Israel, to “knock Iran out of the oil business.” He considers any proxy attack supported by Iran as an existential threat to Israel.

Graham was questioned about declaring war against Iran, but he stopped short of an official declaration.

“I am poised to use military force to destroy the source of funding for Hamas and Hezbollah,” Graham said.

Iran’s leaders have stated that they were informed about the brutal surprise attack by Hamas into Israel, killing women, children and young adults, in newspaper and television reports. Graham said that explanation was “laughable” and that 93% of money for Hamas and Hezbollah comes from Iran, the “great evil,” which is the source of the problem.

“So, if Hezbollah escalates against Israel, it will be because Iran told them to,” Graham said. “Then Iran, you’re in the crosshairs of the United States and Israel.”

Graham’s threats of military retaliation came after the White House stated that the Biden administration does not have evidence that Iran funded the Hamas attack against Israel. Graham’s promise to hit Iran hard within its own borders adds fuel to the fire that could draw the United States directly into the conflict.

From an economic standpoint, destroying Iran’s oil refineries would directly affect trade deals with other countries – including China, Russia and Saudi Arabia – and possibly draw harsh battlefield lines against the United States.

Source: The Daily Wire