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Man Who Raced to Help Anne Heche Reveals What She Said Just Before Fire Erupted


Anne Heche’s Neighbor Says It Was ‘Tough’ to Hear Star Was ‘Not Okay,’ Couldn’t Rescue Her Amid Engulfing Fire

David Manpearl, a neighbor of the tenant’s home who was hit by Anne Heche on Friday, was the first person on the scene.

“I saw a car speeding by in front of my house and a few moments later I heard a crash,” Manpearl detailed to Fox News Digital on Saturday.

After hearing the crash, he made his way down the street to assist in the crash.

Heche, 53, miraculously survived a near fatal car accident on Friday when she drove into a home in Mar Vista, Los Angeles.

Manpearl, who is a software engineer, shared that the home’s roof was completely caved in and Heche’s car was lodged entirely inside the house and covered in debris.

“It went all the way through the house to the back of the house,” Manpearl said of Heche’s car. “The windows were broken, so I opened the back door of the car.”

Before the actress’ car caught erupted in flames, Manpearl was able to communicate to Heche, who he noted was conscious immediately following the crash.

Manpearl detailed that the car then went into flames, and it would have been “impossible” to rescue Heche with the way the car was positioned and how quickly the Mini Cooper erupted in flames.

“She finally answered and said she was not okay,” Manpearl added of Heche. “So that was tough.”

“I know they didn’t get her out of the car until the fire was pretty much put out,” he said.

Manpearl was the first neighbor on the scene and assisted the tenant of the home. “She was trying to get her dogs out of the house and was a little bit confused,” he said.

He assisted the tenant, who was renting the home, to his house where he said the neighborhood showed an “outpour of love” to the woman who did not even have enough time to grab a pair of shoes before vacating her home.

This is an excerpt from Fox News.