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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Received Unwelcome Christmas Surprise


Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Was ‘Swatted’ on Christmas Day With Her Family

Firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) reported she was “swatted” for the “eighth time” on Christmas Day.

The incident occurred on Christmas Day as she was celebrating with her family.

Swatting refers to a fake call being placed to law enforcement officials (typically a SWAT team) indicating the person is in imminent danger. The perceived high-danger situation prompts authorities to act with vigor — sometimes busting through doors and swarming an office or home believing they are about to rescue someone from a hostage or similar situation.

The emotionally charged scenarios carry an inherent danger — to responding officers and to the persons in attendance at the home or office to which the officers are responding.

In addition to the dangers posed, these calls commit valued resources and leave communities vulnerable as they are likely to cause delays in responding to emergency calls.

Greene (MTG) shared on Christmas morning: “I was just swatted. This is like the 8th time,” Greene posted on X. “On Christmas with my family here. My local police are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with this.”

MTG added: “I appreciate them so much and my family and I are in joyous spirits celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!”

Greene, who lives in Rome, Georgia, is one of many conservative government leaders who have been victims of faux emergency calls.

In August of 2022, authorities responded to MTG’s home after police received what is now known to have been an AI-generated call indicating someone at Greene’s home had been shot.

The August 2022 event was reportedly linked to MTG’s statements regarding “transgender youth rights.”

Greene’s recent comments on Hunter Biden’s refusing to testify before a congressional committee and her pushing for President Joe Biden to be impeached are thought to have promoted the latest swatting call.

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