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Mayor Pete Lands in Hot Water Again – After He Refuses to Come Clean, the Hammer Drops


What can we say about Biden’s head of the Department of Transportation? Not much good, that’s true! Pete Buttigieg’s only qualification for that job was that he dropped out of the 2020 race to help Joe Biden get nominated. Before that, he was a mayor of a town in Indiana, whose administration was mired in scandal and investigations.

Yet Biden put him in charge of one of the most important departments in the federal government.

Buttigieg’s time over the DOT has been, big surprise, mired in scandal and controversy. He neglected the railroad union crisis–which could have shut down our economy. He was on vacation–twice–when the supply chain broke down and airlines were falling apart. He refused to show his records that show he was using government jets for private use. And now, he is facing a big lawsuit.

From Fox News:

A government watchdog group is filing a federal lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), arguing the agency has stonewalled records detailing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s use of private government jets.

The group, Americans for Public Trust (APT), said it has repeatedly requested FAA records detailing how often Buttigieg has used the agency’s small fleet of jets and the taxpayer costs associated with those flights. But, according to its lawsuit first seen by Fox News Digital, the FAA has improperly delayed producing the records on three separate information requests filed by APT.

Are we at all surprised by this? Buttigieg was MIA on many occasions, when his agency was wrestling major crises. When railroad workers were on the verge of striking, Buttigieg was on vacation. Yet he was tweeting as if he was in the office!

It seems, for Mayor Pete, serving in the Biden administration is about getting what’s his. He has shirked his responsibilities, taking advantage of taxpayer dollars to live the high life. Chances are, he thought a job over the DOT would have been easy.

But he was woefully unqualified and his incompetence has led to one disaster after another. The worst, of course, was the disastrous train derailment at East Palestine, OH.

Biden’s FAA actually tried to protect Buttigieg by refusing to share flight records with this watchdog group. So, they are suing to hold Buttigieg accountable for his reckless actions. But will this be enough for Joe to finally fire this loser?

I doubt it.

Key Takeaways:

  • A watchdog group is suing the Biden administration for records from Pete Buttigieg.
  • Buttigieg is being accused of using government jets for personal use.
  • As head of the DOT, Buttigieg has failed to address numerous crises.

Source: Fox News