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Megyn Kelly Calls On Unexpected Figure To Take Control Of Trump Campaign And ‘Fight Dirty’


Watch: Megyn Kelly Calls On Unexpected Figure To Take Control Of Trump Campaign And ‘Fight Dirty’

Megyn Kelly announced during a recent show that it’s time for Steve Bannon to take control of the Trump campaign to “fight dirty” because “we’re losing.”

“It’s going to continue happening, because now they’re succeeded,” podcaster and former Fox News personality Kelly said of Trump’s conviction last week.

Legal expert Alan Derschowitz agreed with Kelly’s sentiment, but then pushed back: “You fight a lack of a principle with a principled defense.”

“You don’t get down into the gutter with them,” he argued, to which Kelly swiftly interjected.

“No, no. You know who we need?” she said. “I’m going to utter words I never thought I would utter in my life: we need Steve Bannon.”

“That’s how I feel today! Bring it on! Get somebody who knows how to fight dirty calling the shots!” she added.

“We’re losing! They’re taking out our people! This is about the presidency!” she continued.

Users on X weighed in as the clip of Kelly calling on Bannon circulated social media, with some echoing a similar sentiment to the podcaster’s outcry.

“Ultra Dark Megyn has been quite enjoyable the last 48 hours,” one user said, to which another replied, “I like her now too.”

Another user posted, “Bannon has a clear vision of the populist movement, and the chops to articulate its philosophy. Plus, he’s a great strategist.” 

One account said, “A key as well, Steve has been on this for so long he’s had time to refine his understanding like few others. He’s no rookie for sure.”

The Post Millennial (TPM) reported that her statement to add Bannon to the Trump team comes as a somewhat surprise, considering he and Kelly have had a contentious relationship with one another in the past.

Her statement, along with other remarks from the past few months, underscores a major shift in her support for Trump over the years.

TPM highlighted that Bannon criticized Kelly as a “centrist” while she was still working at Fox, for example.

Kelly responded to Bannon’s remarks by calling him “disgusting” and a “misogynist.”

Some users have highlighted this historic tension between the two amidst Kelly’s recent endorsement of Bannon. 

“When Steve Bannon orchestrated Trump & MAGA attacks against Megyn Kelly after the 2015 debate she moderated, she got an avalanche of death threats: ‘They tried to destroy me. It was scary at times. And Bannon kept lighting the fire over and over again,’” Ron Filipkowski recounted on X.

Trump notably labeled Kelly “highly overrated” when she served as a moderator during the presidential debates of 2015.

She made headlines when she questioned Trump about his attitudes towards women and some disparaging comments he had made, sparking criticism from the then-presidential candidate and his supporters. 

Kelly now proudly touts her support of Trump, stating, “I am not going to vote for Donald Trump to be my husband… I need somebody who’s gonna close the damn border,” per TPM.

She has publicly criticized the 34 felony counts against Trump, suggesting that Judge Juan Merchan and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg collaborated to ensure the former president’s conviction.