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Megyn Kelly Demands Jen Psaki “Apologize, Own Up To It, Beg Forgiveness” For Condemning Border Agents


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to dodge accountability for her and President Biden’s actions when Peter Doocy called her out for slamming the mounted border patrol agents accused of whipping migrants.

Doocy asked: “We’ve been told mounted Border Patrol officers the president accused of whipping migrants were told they will not be criminally charged so when is the President going to apologize to them.” Psaki tried to dodge the question. (See video below)

Doocy fired back: “The president said they were whipping people which would be a criminal offense and they have been told they will not be criminally charged.” Psaki tried to dodge it again saying: “And there was an investigation so I will let DHS address that.”

Doocy kept pressing: “You accused these officers of brutal and inappropriate measures will you apologize.”

Psaki continued to dodge the question and never gave a satisfactory answer.

Enter Megyn Kelly who said on social media:

“So it’s inappropriate to comment when there’s an investigation? Then why the hell did you and your boss openly condemn these guys in September WHEN THERE WAS AN INVESTIGATION?

“Apologize, own up to it, beg forgiveness. Done,” Kelly said.

She could have been talking about Biden as well because he said: “Running them over and people being strapped, it’s outrageous and I promise you those people will pay.”

Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson got the scoop and reported “officials have cleared the horse-mounted border patrol agencies of wrongdoing after they were accused of whipping migrants in September and placing them on probation.”

Bret Baier responded to that news saying, “we are just getting to the back end of this investigation where the guys are not being punished; Brit, and remember how much coverage was given to that moment.”

Brit Hume answered: “Right and you know at first it looked bad. And the explanation was available within a matter of 24 or 48 hours. 

“It didn’t stop President Biden from coming out and saying these border agents were going to pay.

“He has been notably silent on this since and now we know probably was inevitable that they have been cleared of doing anything wrong there. 

“They were using their reigns to deal with the horses. This is another example of the administration on the border and border issues,” he said.