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Mexican Caravan Makes Shocking New Move – Viral Video Shows How They Are Invading America


It’s no secret that the Biden administration appears to be doing nothing about the border crisis. Governors of border states have repeatedly requested aid from the White House to address the millions that are jumping the border.

According to reports, they have received none.

That has forced states like Texas to take drastic measures to protect their residents. The Texas National Guard has even been enlisted to prevent border jumpers from invading. Now, migrants are finding a new, dangerous method for entering the country.

From Fox News:
A train seen in Mexico headed toward the U.S. border had what appeared to be hundreds of migrants riding on top as record numbers of people trying to enter the United States continues.

The migrants were riding atop a BNSF Railway train in central Mexico as it departed from it departs Irapuato, Guanajuato, around 200 miles northwest of Mexico City.

The train route goes from there to Torreon, Monterey and then Piedras Negras, a border city across from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Migrants are becoming much more bold in their efforts to illegally enter the country. Often, they cross the border and immediately surrender to Border Patrol. That is because, under President Biden, Border Patrol is forced to release these migrants into the country.

But that does not appear to be good enough for some migrants, some of whom have criminal records. Hundreds have decided to simply jump on top of freighter trains that pass between America and Mexico.

Once the trains cross into the U.S., all they have to do is jump off and scatter. It is unlikely law enforcement will be able to catch most of them.

This method, of course, is extremely dangerous. Most of those seen on top of trains are young men–the majority of migrants entering the country. Some of these men work for drug cartels. Others are fleeing justice from South American countries. Many more are economic refugees, who are expecting free handouts from the U.S.

The reason trends like this are happening is because migrants know it’s open season on the U.S. border. Since 2021, the Biden administration has appeared unwilling to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Migrants have been bused across the country and re-settled in many communities.

The Biden administration has provided free healthcare, clothing, shelter, and even jobs. Many states have tried to get these migrants to work (for low wages), which has prompted some migrants to leave.

It is possible most of those coming over illegally do intend to work, but cull benefits from U.S. taxpayers.

Source: Fox News