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Millionaire Tech Founder Murdered in Ultra-Liberal City – Sends Shockwaves Across America


What’s Happening:

For quite some time now, we’ve warned about what’s going on in major blue cities. If you have the means to get out of these places, do so now. Radical Democrats have taken over city councils and district attorneys’ offices. They have defunded the police and ignore rising crime.

In one deeply blue city, things are going from bad to much worse. The downtown has been abandoned by tourists and businesses, as homelessness, drug abuse, and violence reign supreme. And now, a top tech founder has become the latest victim in this city’s embrace of crime.

From The Sun:

CASH App founder and tech executive Bob Lee was brutally stabbed to death in a horrific attack in San Francisco.

The entrepreneur, 43, died from his injuries following the horror attack that happened early on Tuesday morning in the Rincon Hill neighborhood…

Cops have launched a homicide probe but have made no arrests.

The motive of the stabbing currently remains unknown.

Um… I think we can make a guess as to the motive of this horrible crime. Bob Lee was at the wrong place at the wrong time, the victim of the surge of crime sweeping over San Francisco. The 43-year-old man was known for founding CashApp and was the chief product officer at MobileCoin.

According to reports, he was brutally stabbed to death early in the morning. We can assume he was not concealed carrying a firearm, as the super-liberal city does not allow for that. Nor can we assume the police were able to quickly respond to this attack, as the city has been hemorrhaging cops.

This rising star of the tech world was cruelly murdered, thanks in part to the radical Democrats who run that city. Democrats refuse to own up to the massive surge in crime happening in their cities all over the country. They sit back, raising taxes while firing cops, blind to how they are destroying lives.

How many more people need to die before San Francisco voters wake up?

Key Takeaways:

  • Top tech founder Bob Lee was stabbed to death in San Francisco.
  • This comes as the blue city sinks under the weight of massive crime.
  • Democrats in big cities have defunded cops and encouraged violent crime.

Source: The Sun