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Minutes After Democrats Arrest Trump – Top Conservative Leader Drops a Sudden Bombshell


To the shock of millions of Americans, Democrats in Georgia not only indicted Donald Trump but arrested and booked him like a common criminal. They even took Trump’s mugshot and quickly released it to the public.

The DA behind this indictment had long promised to “make her mark” by going after the former president. It’s getting hard for the left to deny all these indictments are actually about the charges and not about influencing the 2024 Election. Democrats have gone above and beyond what anyone thought was decent–and now, one conservative voice is saying what many are thinking.

From Breitbart:

The mugshot of President Donald Trump has rallied the opposition behind him. And it will give the former president a mandate, should he win the election, to sweep away the rot in our government, without compromise…

Democrats relished the idea of this moment — for years — before it happened. Yet now that it is a reality, what they should really fear is what Republicans will do in response…

There will be no mercy for those who have attacked the rights and values of our constitution and then claimed to be acting in defense of democracy — a democracy they abhor when it provides leaders that do not serve their own corrupt interests.

Breitbart’s Joel Pollack issued a scathing warning to Democrats after they arrested and booked Donald Trump. For years, the left has wanted to do this: to string Trump up like some kind of criminal, in a desperate attempt to defame him.

Now, they got what they wanted. A literal mugshot of a bold and defiant Donald Trump spread across the Internet.

Now, as many people already believe, Pollack is predicting a terrible backlash against Democrats.

He predicts “big changes will be made” to the D.C. swamp. He said “secret archives” will be opened. Whole government departments will be “dismantled or relocated.” And he even told the Democrats behind all the hoaxes against Trump should call their lawyers.

From the very start of Trump’s political career, Democrats have been working to this day. It started with attacks in the media. Then, an investigation based on phony documents. Then, impeachments by the opposition party. Now, a flurry of indictments aimed at draining Trump’s resources going into the election.

We’ve never seen this before in the United States. As many have pointed out, this is the kind of thing dictators and tyrants do. Democrats have inflated questionable charges against Trump, abusing what power they have, to prevent Americans from re-electing him.

If they think Republicans, especially voters, are going to sit back and take this–they are crazy.

Pollack is claiming this arrest will solidify support for Trump–and there will be no going back. He even said he wasn’t going to support Trump this election, but now? He says there is “no alternative. A vote for Trump is the only way to protest what is going on, and perhaps to overcome it.”

After this arrest and mugshot, there might be no GOP contest. Trump will most likely secure the nomination, by a landslide, and go charging into the general election.

Democrats should be very, very worried.

Key Takeaways:

  • Conservatives are outraged over the arrest and mugshot of Donald Trump.
  • Breitbart’s Pollack predicts this move will solidify Trump’s support and backfire on Democrats.
  • Democrats have done everything in their power to derail Trump since 2015.

Source: Breitbart