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Minutes After Trump Blasts Blue City – Migrants Prove Him Right in 1 Shocking Move


This week, Donald Trump held a rally in the South Bronx. He spoke to a large crowd of New Yorkers, lamenting what liberal policies have done to the once-great city. Thanks to Joe Biden and local Democrats, the city is in free fall.

Thousands have fled the city, which is overrun with crime and trash. The infrastructure is falling apart, as Democrats prioritize criminals and drug addicts.

Trump went on to talk about the biggest threat to the city. Biden’s border crisis has resulted in hundreds of thousands of migrants overrunning the city. There are migrant encampments everywhere, as the city slashes police budgets to accommodate illegals. Just minutes after Trump said this, migrants made this shocking demand.

From Breitbart:
A group of several dozen migrants joined liberal Democrat politicians in New York City on Thursday to protest for even more government benefits for “newcomers.”

The New York Immigration Coalition joined a group of elected Democrat officials on the steps of City Hall to demand more money from the city budget to be dedicated to migrants, according to Caribbean Life…

Migrants have been increasingly protesting that they aren’t getting enough free aid, food, housing, and educational and legal services in this country. In April, hundreds of African migrants protested outside New York City’s seat of government to demand more money and freebies.

Dozens of migrants stormed the steps of New York’s City Hall demanding more handouts. They were joined by leftist activists, who called these illegal aliens “newcomers” and “neighbors.”

New York’s Mayor Adams had previously claimed the crisis would destroy the city. But because he did not get any help from the White House, he has shifted to prioritizing migrants above New Yorkers.

He has slashed millions from the city’s budget to provide free handouts to illegal aliens. Now, Democrats are demanding more free food, housing, medical care, education, and legal services for people who broke the law to enter America.

Meanwhile, the city wants to give migrants jobs that could go to struggling Americans.

This appears to be what Democrats wanted all along: to import migrants for cheap labor and votes. Even the migrants think they deserve help and resources instead of Americans.

Source: Breitbart