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Mulsim Parents Shut Down Michigan School Board Meeting Over Sexually Explicit LGBTQ Books


Hundreds of people protesting sexually explicit LGBTQ books being provided to children shut down a Michigan school board meeting yesterday chanting “Vote them out.”

The majority of parents and protesters attending Monday’s Dearborn Public Schools board meeting were Muslim which the left will have a hard time defending. In Virginia, it was parents objecting to school boards that turned that state from blue to red and if it could happen there, it could happen in Michigan.

Niraj Warikoo, staff Writer for the Detroit Free Press, broke down what happened. Warikoo said: “Packed crowd in Dearborn for school board meeting tonight discussing LGBTQ books in schools: ‘If democracy matters, we’re the majority,’ reads sign. ‘Homosexuality Big Sin,’ says another.

“Overflow crowd here at Dearborn Public Schools Board meeting for debate over LGBTQ books. AFT union here in support of books.

“Dearborn Police officer warns crowd to stop yelling and interjecting when school board is speaking. Some are booing board for not doing enough to remove LGBTQ books:

“Meeting of Dearborn Schools has descended into chaos and confusion as board members walked out. Mobs opposed to some LGBTQ books took over the meeting as various factions jostled for power. Police themselves were unsure if meeting was still on. “Vote them out,” crowd chants.

“Shouting between various factions as groups take over Dearborn public schools board meeting. Board members have left. Unclear if they are coming back or if meeting will restart. Heavy police presence.

“Dearborn Police Chief Issa Shahin has arrived at the chaotic scene in Dearborn Public Schools board meeting.

“He’s telling people to stay calm. Looks like the meeting is now suspended. Police urging people to leave.

“Dearborn Police Chief Issa Shahin is pleading with the crowd: “Please calm down…Dearborn is better than this.”

“He said schools board meeting is over and will reconvene Thursday at a school with more space.

“Protesters angry over some LGBTQ books have shut down tonight’s meeting.”