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New 2024 Poll Shows Surprising Switch – Both Biden and Trump Didn’t See This Change Coming


It’s clear that Democrats fear Trump’s impact on the 2024 Election. That is why, according to many Americans, they have thrown many criminal cases against the former president. Joe Biden’s weak approval means he might lose to Trump, as many voters blame Joe for the condition of the country.

But it seems like 2024 will be very different than the 2020 Election. Biden will have to defend his record, which has benefited foreign countries over the United States.

Now, a new poll shows that the race might be more complicated than anyone expected. Data suggests a swing people didn’t seem coming—and it could turn the race into a total guessing game.

From Washington Examiner:
An NBC News poll released on Sunday shows twice as many voters who would support Trump in a head-to-head matchup with Biden say they would support Kennedy in a five-way race, when compared to Biden supporters in a head-to-head matchup…

In a head-to-head race, the NBC News poll shows Trump leading 46%-44%, but in a five-way race including Biden, Trump, Kennedy, Jill Stein, and Cornel West, Biden leads Trump 39%-37%, with 13% opting for Kennedy.

Liberal outlet NBC released a poll that suggests Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might be taking more votes from Trump than Biden. This comes after Kennedy selected a progressive candidate for his running mate and claimed his views were more closely in line with Joe Biden’s.

Donald Trump called Kennedy, with whom he formerly worked, the “most Radical Left Candidate in the race, by far.” RFK is an outspoken environmentalist who supports gun control—it seems unlikely that conservative-leaning voters would defect from Donald Trump to support his candidacy.

Top Democrat leaders within the DNC are panicking over Kennedy’s impact on Biden’s electability. With progressives abandoning Biden over Israel, they might flock to Kennedy instead. It is possible NBC’s data is skewed, as it differs from most recent polls that take Kennedy’s campaign into consideration.

In either case, both Trump and Biden fear Kennedy’s influence. He remains an unknown factor in the race. His support appears to be growing among voters tired of the divisiveness of both parties.

Source: Washington Examiner