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New Hunter Biden Evidence Erupts in D.C. – Here’s What the FBI Really Found


For months, Republican investigators have made various accusations against Biden’s son, Hunter. They have accused the man of engaging in a bribery scheme, along with Joe himself.

On top of this, Hunter has faced several investigations, including one conducted by a DOJ special counsel.

Many have wondered if the first son would get preferential treatment—and for a time, that looked to be the case. But now, the drama surrounding Hunter Biden has increased, as the FBI revealed this bombshell discovery.

From Daily Caller:
FBI investigators discovered powered cocaine on the firearm pouch Hunter Biden had used to hold the gun he allegedly purchased in October 2018, Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors said in a Tuesday court filing…

“Based on their training and experience, investigators believed that this substance was likely cocaine and that this evidence would corroborate the messages that investigators had obtained which showed the defendant buying and using drugs in October 2018. An FBI chemist subsequently analyzed the residue and determined that it was cocaine. To be clear, investigators literally found drugs on the pouch where the defendant had kept his gun,” the filing adds.

A new court filing revealed that the FBI found powered cocaine on Hunter Biden’s firearm pouch. According to the report, investigators retrieved the pouch to take a photo of his gun—connected to a firearms charge against Hunter.

While retrieving the gun, the investigators noticed the white, powdery substance. Their training and experience told them it was likely a drug. An FBI chemist analyzed the residue and confirmed it was, in fact, cocaine.

Critics of Hunter Biden will no doubt comment on this discovery. Not long ago, the White House was plunged into controversy, when cocaine was found on the premises. Many Americans questioned the Secret Service, who claimed it was unable to find the person who left it.

Many suspected Hunter Biden, who had unprecedented access to the White House thanks to his father.

Biden has been accused of a variety of misdeeds, including tax fraud, illegally buying a gun, and drug abuse. But that all seems to be the tip of the iceberg, if Republican investigators are to be believed.

Hunter and his family might be guilty of much worse crimes. It is currently unclear how this new report, however, will affect Hunter’s ongoing legal troubles.

Source: Daily Caller