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New Whistleblower Emerges In Fani Willis Case


Fani Willis is in way over her head, and Rep. Jim Jordan just revealed a surprise for the Fulton County prosecutor.

The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee revealed that Congressional lawmakers have been speaking with a whistleblower who formerly worked under Willis.

According to Jordan, the whistleblower reportedly informed Willis in a private conversation that one of her top aides was misusing federal funds.

Shortly after that, the whistleblower was fired from her position by Willis, but that’s not all.

Willis reportedly had the whistleblower, who is said to be a woman no more than 4 ft 11 inches, escorted out by seven or more male security guards.

Clearly, Willis felt threatened by the whistleblower, and for good reason. Here’s Jim Jordan making the announcement:

The Epoch Times quoted Jordan:

“The whistleblower, I think she’s 4’11”, but Fani Willis had like seven police officers escort her out when she fired this lady.

She raised the concern that Ms. Willis was not following the rules of grant dollars in an appropriate manner.

“[The whistleblower is] now talking with our office, and we’ll see how that goes. But that’s why we have subpoenaed documents related to this.”

Carolyn Ryan also revealed: “A whistleblower who worked under Fani Willis in the DA’s Office tells me Nathan Wade, who was NOT an employee of the DA’s office at the time, helped Fani Willis decide which staff members could stay, and which ones would be fired when Willis took office in 2021.

“And truthfully, that man [Wade] was on our interview panel. If someone were to look at the HR rules, I would highly suspect that’s illegal.

To have non-employee and an un-elected official, interview all of us. He was there!”, the source said.

Wade and Willis claim their relationship started in 2022…AFTER Willis launched the probe into Donald Trump, but according to this source, they were close enough in 2021, that she had him play a role in deciding who could work in the DA’s office and who couldn’t… as soon as she took office.”

The newly surfaced allegations against attorney Nathan Wade were shared by Breitbart:

Wade led a transition team of ten to twelve people who interviewed and evaluated current employees to remain in Willis’ newly won office just weeks after she won the election in November, said the sources, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution due to their direct knowledge of the environment inside the District Attorney’s Office, which they characterized as “corrupt.”