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New York Post Ripped Over Euphemism Used To Describe Man Who Knocked Grandma Unconscious


A chilling surveillance image captures the moment a grandmother was viciously assaulted in a brazen daylight attack in the Bronx, leaving her severely injured and enduring ongoing trauma.

The image, obtained by The New York Post on Monday, depicts the victim falling to the ground as the attacker looms over her with arms outstretched.

The outlet, known for its creative use of euphemisms to describe black criminals, notably described the perpetrator as a “bully” in its description of him.

Other outlets like CIC News, for example, described the assailant as a male with a dark complexion and a heavy build.

Martha Veloz, 54, visiting from New Jersey, was ambushed as she walked near East 167th Street and Jerome Avenue in Highbridge around 3 p.m. on Wednesday. 

The assailant struck Veloz without warning, knocking her unconscious, according to authorities and Veloz’s daughter, Stephanie Padin.

Padin recounted the harrowing incident in vivid detail during a Monday phone interview with The Post. 

“She said she was walking down the hill… [when] a man just came randomly and hit her in the head with something,” Padin described. “He hit her in the head and then he pushed her down to the ground.”

“She passed out for a minute and she thought everything was black,” the victim’s daughter added, painting a grim picture of the assault. 

“She tried to wake up again… and she started crying hysterically because she’s got a lot of blood coming down,” Padin said. “A few people were trying to help her get up also because they saw her when she went down to the ground and was bleeding.”

The family’s ordeal underscores a pattern of assaults on women, predominantly observed in Lower Manhattan. 

The Post has been blasted in the past over its use of euphemisms to describe assailants part of this stunning trend. Some examples include the use of “callous trio,” “little rascals” and “gifted athletes” as descriptors.

“No matter how much I’m feeling down, I remember that I’m not the New York Post intern that comes up with the euphemisms, and I feel grateful for that,” lamented one user on X.

Other outlets have followed this same trend, seemingly shying away from describing perpetrators in a helpful way in an attempt to stay politically correct. Especially in regards to random women getting punched in New York City.

Resist The Mainstream reported earlier this month on Salon making a point to cast blame towards Trump supporters for the epidemic of violence is raging through the city. 

The outlet dubbed the violence “a desperate last gasp of the male rage fueling MAGA.”

The Salon article made odd statements about how men are “indignant” when the “eyes of a woman are directed at someone or something that is not him.” 

It then goes on to explain that the uptick in “increasingly unhinged male fury at women” stems from “Donald Trump and the MAGA movement” because “there’s an upswell of loud male entitlement shouting at us from every corner.”

“The rise of MAGA is fueled by misogyny,” it adds.

Nevermind if criminals in New York are now being released on bail, particularly if they are considered to be from “oppressed” minorities. Salon attributes the breakdown of the justice system in Democrat-controlled NYC to Republican voters.