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President Trump Posts Two HILARIOUS New Biden Videos


Our President was on a roll today!

After new footage of Joe Biden was released showing him looking older and more senile than ever before, the Trump Team quickly got to work.

First, here’s the original video of Biden needing assistance:

Plus, a close-up shot:

And here’s the beauty the Trump Team then posted:


Backup video here:


Fox News reported on this:

President Biden’s team on Thursday quickly removed the press when he said he would take questions at an event in Saginaw, Michigan, and social media users blasted the “incredible scene.”

Biden visited Saginaw on Thursday to push his re-election campaign and speak to volunteers supporting his bid to retain the White House. The Saginaw trip included a visit to a 131-year-old Victorian mansion owned by members of the Saginaw City Council and Saginaw Public Schools Board of Education.

At the mansion, Biden stood on the porch with his back to members of the press when he could be heard saying, “Can I take a couple questions?”

A woman in a Biden-Harris jacket said, “We’re going to take a few questions,” whereupon staff immediately started putting their arms up and walking toward the press gaggle, loudly repeating, “Thank you, press, back to the cars.”

Last month, President Trump spoke to a crowd of THOUSANDS of supporters in Michigan.

Detroit Free Press noted the difference between Trump and Biden’s campaigning in the state:

The contrast was stark between Biden’s campaign events Thursday, at a private home in Saginaw and inside the clubhouse of a public golf course just outside the city, and Trump’s recent campaign event inside an airport hangar in Oakland County’s Waterford on Feb. 17.

Trump spoke for more than an hour to a crowd of about 2,000 supporters, blasting judges, the U.S. Justice Department and the move by both U.S. and Michigan leaders to speed the auto industry’s transition away from gasoline combustion engines toward electric vehicles. He railed against Biden over inflation and migrants entering the U.S. through the Southern border, two issues that polling shows are of great concern to many voters.

Biden, who landed aboard Air Force One early in the afternoon at MBS International Airport northwest of Saginaw, talked quietly with 20 to 30 campaign supporters on the veranda of a private home in the city’s cathedral district. Next, his motorcade wound its way to a second event at a public golf course, called Pleasant View, just outside the city. Reporters, who were not close enough to hear what Biden told supporters at the Saginaw home, were not allowed inside the golf clubhouse after watching him enter the facility in the rain.

The best part is this now appears to be a new and ongoing series.

The Visiting Angels series.

And unless Joe Biden truly does stay locked in his basement, we will no doubt have many more episodes to come in the future!

Here was the first one from a few weeks ago:

Keep them coming Trump Team!

These are hilarious!!!

And I can’t really end this article without going to the source, can I?

If you’ve ever watched Daytime TV, you definitely know this one:

Ok one more….

As long as we’re talking about legendary Daytime TV ads, can we talk about the Greatest of All Time?

If you’ve never seen this, I envy you and your ability to watch this for the first time.

For everyone else?  Enjoy it again.