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Pro-Palestine Heckler Gets Texas Justice – Here’s How the Lone Star Handled This Protester


Anti-American rabble-rousers should quickly learn a simple message: Don’t mess with Texas. That was the message sent loud and clear during a re-election campaign event for Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Radical ideologists believe they can walk in and step all over anyone who disagrees with them. That belief was met with a rude awakening as a group of loyal Texans took out the person with a trashy attitude.

Loud, disrespectful interruptions that voice support for ideologies that don’t support American values just aren’t tolerated in pro-America Texas. Abbott didn’t have to worry about a pro-Palestine troublemaker getting close to him because a wall of Texans drowned out the disgruntled protester with boos, met the heckler face-to-face, and ran him out of the building.

From the Daily Caller:
“The crowd then begins to manhandle him and he can be heard yelling “don’t f***ing touch me!” The crowd continues to bash and yank at him, quickly shoving him out of the event. Multiple attendees wearing cowboy hats can be seen removing him from the building.”

The protester was trying to disrupt a speech by Abbott in Collin County, Texas, which is located on the north side of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan statistical area. The Texas disruption reportedly happened on the same day that pro-Palestine protesters by the thousands marched on the White House.

Liberal elitists in D.C. might enjoy an anti-American protest flooding their city streets, but that’s not the sentiment of Texans living outside major urban areas. Liberal ideologies fade quickly outside the liberal enclaves of big cities in Texas.

At the time of the disruption, Abbott didn’t seem concerned about what was happening. The protester appears to never approach near the governor who has a security detail. What stood out was how supporters in the crowded room quickly overwhelmed the protester and didn’t back down as they pushed him out of the building.

The patriotic aspect of this is that people responded quickly and didn’t allow a protester to affect the event. The bad side is that if these protesters push too far, well, it’s Texas and people in the state are historically inclined to handle those who try to oppress them.

Let’s hope the protesters take heed and keep their anti-American outbursts confined to areas of the country that are sympathetic to them. And let’s hope more Americans stand strong like these Texans.

Source: Daily Caller