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Protester Gets a Dose of Southern Justice – Red State Officer Goes Viral with Epic Video


Red state officials are fed up with the pro-Hamas protesters holding college campuses hostage. Student and faculty protesters are ignoring school rules and lawful orders from police officers as they throw these schools into disorder.

The continuing display of protests and calls for violence against Jews across the country has escalated beyond any level of sensible protest. The anti-Israel agitators are pushing closer and closer to direct violence.

Law enforcement in multiple states are now on orders to shut down the protests that are interfering with college operations. Conservatives are saying it is time to shut down the protesters and punish them for “forcing” school leaders to warn Jewish students to stay away from class for their own safety.

Police officers are now arresting many of the protesters and not being shy about it. Video of one Georgia state patrol officer tackling and carrying off a protester is being praised around the country.

From The Daily Wire:
A Georgia State Patrol officer tackled a pro-Palestinian demonstrator during a protest at Atlanta’s Emory University this week and later appeared to have to pick up and carry the protester out of the area.

“This was one of the first takedowns of many, several protesters were arrested today on the campus,” a local reporter wrote on X in a post that included a video of the incident.

The officer ran full speed at the protester and tackled the individual, instantly bringing them to the ground.

The following video is an example of a textbook take down and arrest.

The cries coming from the protester, who so boldly called for the destruction of a U.S. ally, could be heard loud and clear in another video. The protester hit the ground after the initial tackle, and the officer later picked up the protester and hauled him out of the area.

“You’re hurting me!” the protester squealed. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Help! Help! Ow, you’re hurting me!”

Responses to the protester’s pleas reflected how many people around the country feel about the agitators who are disrupting educational institutions.

“The Georgia State Trooper doesn’t have time for your snowflake complaints,” wrote X user Wall Street Silver.  “This is how woke garbage is handled in Florida under DeSantis,” said Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon.

Republican strategist Matt Whitlock responded: “Listen to this person shriek and remember – President Biden wants to raise your taxes to pay for his college experience.”

Source: The Daily Wire