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Red Wave Slams into Southern State Early – 5 Counties Just Flipped Their School Boards Red in Florida


While Democrats celebrate closing the gap with Republicans before the midterm elections, the GOP hopes to maintain their edge. This includes mass spending to keep the “red wave” a real possibility.

In some ways, though, that red wave is already being seen in certain parts of the country. We’ve heard reports of many local elections flipping toward conservatives, for example.

And in one southern state, the Republican push is in full swing.

Currently, most school boards and administrations around the country lean left. In fact, many parents have complained that the far-left agenda is now firmly – and dangerously – entrenched in education.

Millions of citizens are pushing back against this narrative, and we’re seeing that push-back in the form of significant school board changes.

For example, this week saw a major shift down in Florida, where school boards in 5 counties all flipped to conservative majorities. This was due in large part to GOP Governor Ron DeSantis’ endorsements.

Via The Daily Caller:

Miami-Dade County, Sarasota County, Duval County, Martin County and Clay County held their school board elections on Aug. 23.

The conservative school board candidates in the five counties won their races, resulting in a flip in the majority of the school boards.

There were a few narrow victories but in the end, it was a clean sweep across all five counties for conservatives.

The candidates in question were backed by Gov. DeSantis, which clearly helped them claim victory. For years now, DeSantis has fought against the far-left agenda invading public schools, and now it seems to be paying off.

It also helped that The 1776 Project PAC was involved. Said head of coalitions and candidate recruitment Aiden Buzzetti:

The 1776 Project PAC worked to reach out to Republicans who typically vote in presidential elections but miss these important off cycle elections.

By increasing voter turnout and focusing on the issues happening at their local school board, we were able to move voters to the ballot box to cast their vote for conservatives.

A spokesman for DeSantis added that his involvement was “the most significant effort by a governor to endorse, train and invest in school board candidates across the nation.

Just recently, the Governor said Florida is “the place where woke goes to die,” in referring to the state’s public school system.

This went over well with his supporters and it’s likely that DeSantis will be re-elected when the time comes (according to early approval polls). It’s also possible that he will run for President in 2024.

As for the ongoing battle between hard-left school curricula and American parents, that probably isn’t going to end soon — but many conservative parents say progress is being made.

Key Takeaways:

  • 5 Florida school boards flipped to the conservative side, due in part to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ endorsements.
  • The 1776 Project PAC also helped to drive right-wing voters to the polls.
  • DeSantis was recently quoted as saying that the Florida school system is “where the woke goes to die.”

Source: The Daily Caller